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April - June 2003
June 12, 2003
Title of indie movie about a retiring jewelry salesman? What was in the briefcase in the movie Pulp Fiction?
Who said "You're gonna need a bigger boat" ?   What movie had the most occurrences of the "f word"?
Who was the voice of HAL the computer in 2001 and 2010? Where was "American Grafitti" filmed?
What was the address of the family in "Mary Poppins"?
Is "Krush Groove" a Run-DMC movie or just a song?
What kind of bicycle did Elliott ride in the movie "ET"? Who wrote the book that "Sudden Impact" was based on?
Which movie had this Beatles quote? What movie did the quote, "Are you on the pot?" come from?
What 1982 movie had the most extras of all time?  
June 05, 2003
What movie had a "good time for pie" quote? Where were the prom scenes filmed for "She's All That"?
Was the cemetary in "Poltergeist" an Indian burial ground?  Name of the Clint Eastwood movie where he makes a bulletproof vest?
What movie was the phrase "No, YOU are so money" from. Which movie has the line "Who shot who in the what now?"
What movie had the quote "We're walking. We're walking."
Which Interstate used in "Smokey and the Bandit"?
Name of a VH-1 Ricky Nelson movie? Which movies use 'Beyond the Sea' for end credits? 
What was the first James Bond movie and who played him?   
May 31, 2003
In "The Two Towers" what was Gollum's real name? What was the worst movie of all time?
Was Sergeant Dan in "Forest Gump" really missing his legs? What was the name of the restaurant in "Vertigo?"
What gets shouted half-way through "Delirious"? Looking for the name of a WWII movie.
What was Mel Gibson's job in "What Women Want"?  What was the first film to have a computer appear as the main character?
In what town was "Funny Farm" made?
What was the first movie sequel ever made?
Who was in a Scream sequel and in"Matrix Reloaded"?
In "Batman Forever" what did the director add to the bat suit?
May 21, 2003
What movie title has the letters ONTRSWBOSMKEETH? Who was the old Chinese detective in b&w movies?
Looking for movies with lists in them. What do you call the velvet ropes set up outside a theater?
Name of a sci-fi horror movie with high school kids? In what movie did Doris Day sung "Que C'sera-sera" ?
What is the longest runtime for a movie? What song did the convict sing in "Con Air"?
What kind of horse did Swayze ride in "Tall Tales"?  Was "Romancing the Stone" filmed in St. Lucia? 
Did John Wayne ever win an Oscar?  Who is Nikko in "The Wizard of Oz"? 
May 08, 2003
Did John Nash make a cameo in "A Beautiful Mind"? What restaurant was Andy going to in "Toy Story"?
Movie where woman shoots ping pong balls out of herself?  How many men were killed in the first Rambo? 
Release dates for "Trainspotting" and "Shallow Grave" in Australia? Was the cemetary in "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" real or fake? 
What movie sequel won Best Picture? In what movie is a senator found with a dead prostitute?
Was there ever a movie without any music?  What did Brian try to kill himself with in "Breakfast Club"?  
What scripture was read from the Bible in "Pulp Fiction"?  
April 28, 2003
What were Rocky's turtles names? What percentage of movies are Westerns?
What Tarantino movies had 'Alabama Whitman'?  Who was chosen to play Indy Jones before Ford? 
Where were the hunting scenes filmed for "Deer Hunter"? Dispute on Best Actor 1993.
Name of an old 50's movie with flying brains?  What is it called when a character says the movie title in the movie?
What year was the trans am in "Smokey and the Bandit"?