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July - September 2003
September 24, 2003
What movie used the phrase "Can you dig it"? Who was Keyser Soze's assistant in "The Usual Suspects"?
What are the first two movies of the "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" trilogy?
What poem was read at the funeral in "Four Weddings and a Funeral"?
In "Interview with a Vampire", what was Louis' wife's name? Was Indy's hat in the Indiana Jones movies felt or leather?
How many weapons has Jason Voorhees used? Which romcom had three girls with one trying to get a guy?
Was Oprah Winfrey in "Straight Talk"? What's the 'thunderbolt' in the "Godfather" movies?
What was the name of the Niagara falls hotel in "Superman II"? Where can I find box office data for 1925 - 1979?
In Silence of the Lambs, what kind of moth was found in the mouth of the cadaver?
What did Dave's company make in "Down and Out in Beverly Hills"?
Was there a Fred Astaire movie titled "Happy Days"? How is the top name decided on a movie poster?
Who played James Bond in the movie Casino Royale? Which movie had guys destroying a Corvette?
August 31, 2003
What statue is at the end of "Return of the Jedi Special Edition"? What movie is in "Show Me How To Live" by Audioslave?
Which sci-fi movie had a killer astronaut arm? What mob movie is on TV in "Home Alone"?
Which movie had this Beatles quote? What market did Eddie Murphy go after in "Trading Places"?
Where are legs sawed off for doing crimes in "Office Space"? Who is the Canadian jazz star in the movie "Anything Else"?
What is the music played on "The Good Girl" DVD menu?
How many versions of the movie "Grease" are there?
Which movie had the most animals injuries during filming? Has any actor starred in three seperate sets of trilogies?
Who turned down Julia Roberts role in "Pretty Woman"? In what movie was the "F" word spoken for the first time?
Which war movie features 'Charles Vermont'? What space movie had a ship that brought back hell?
Which author has had the most books turned into movies? Does Legolas die in "Lord of the Rings"?
August 10, 2003
Which horror movie featured a penis-chopping scene? Which actor was dropped because of his adam's apple?
What's the earliest movie dream sequence? Did Walt Disney ever have a cameo in a movie?
Was there a movie where Molly Ringwald was having a baby? How many movies featured Wyatt Earp & Doc Holiday?
What war is featured in the most movies? What movies had the line "How do you like them apples?"
Which movie had the 'Sho nuff' quote? Looking for the name of a sniper movie.
What sort of vehicle ran down George at the end of "The Magnificient Ambersons"? What was the first movie that was made originally in color?
Who was the first actor to receive one million dollars for a movie role?
July 28, 2003
What song is sung in "American Pie"? Which movie had a character in it named 'D-Day'?
Where was the original "Planet of the Apes" filmed? What are the names of "Stuart Little's" parents?
Who was actress that played the wife in "Shattered"? What happened to the picture in "Dorian Gray"?
What kind of dog was in the movie "Sweet November"? What were the first movies to have a 'Yes!' and 'No-o-o!'?
What was Nemo's mother's name in "Finding Nemo"? Where did the 'Upon a stair' rhyme come from?
In which movie does a girl's brother get hit by a train? What was the first television show to become a movie? 
What was the bulldozer name in "The Fighting Seabees"? What movie had Kevin Bacon and John Malkovich?
What bike did Arnie steal in "The Terminator"?  
July 4, 2003
Which movie has the 'Yesterday upon a stair' rhyme? What does 'Q' stand for in the 007 movies?
What was the "Old School" band name? Was Bill Cosby supposed to play Dirty Harry?
What poem was read in "Awakenings"? Which actor has been in the most movies?
What ocean was "Jaws" filmed on? How many movies did John Wayne die in?
Which romantic comedy fits this description? Who sold Bogey the lottery ticket in "Sierra Madre"?
Which 50's jungle movie featured golden skeletons? Any Leif Garrett 80's films made in Utah?
What was E.T.'s favorite candy? Which courtroom drama starts with two Jewish boys going to work?
Who was the voice of E.T.? Who was originally going to play "The Terminator"?
What are the top grossing 'R' films?