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October - December 2003
December 06, 2003
Longest name of any movie. What time was the Empire State Building meet in "An Affair to Remember"?
Did JVCD play the "Predator"? In what movie was a guy killed by a hotdog cart?
In what movie did Jack Nicholson try to order toast? Which movie had the line "This year we're going to rule the school"?
In what movie did Ashley Judd fall for Wolverine? Where did the guys go in "Cuckoo's Nest"?
What was Frank's middle name in "Old School"? In what movie did people chant "Liberta"?
Which 70's movie featured John Denver songs? Tell me about "City on Fire".
When and where could Dustin Hoffman drive in "Rainman"? What bathroom product did John Candy sell in "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles"?
What was the first movie to put real people and cartoons together?  
November 16, 2003
What year did the Chicago Cubs go to the World Series in "Back to the Future II"? What are the earliest pre-filmed sequels?
What 80's movie had video games and kidnappings? Who is the dedication in "Spy Games" for?
Please help with three movie quotes. In what movie did someone steal money from his company and buy a sports car?
What movie had the saying, "My cat's breath smells like cat food"? What was the name of the dog in "As Good as it Gets"?
What movie horror movie was Joe Pantoliano in? What was the name of Barbarella's enemy in "Barbarella"?
What movies had hot air balloons in them? Who collected thrity-five Oscars?
What movie was filmed at a golf club in Florida? Who's the chubby kid in "The Sandlot"?
What movie has 'the gimp'?  
October 25, 2003
What was the killer's name in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"? Where does the phrase "It's a wrap" come from?
What school was used in the filming of "American Pie"? Did Carl Reiner make a cameo in "The Man With Two Brains"?
Which actor's mother was in "Breakfast Club"? Who is the most successful director in terms of gross?
How many times was the word 'mother' used in "Pulp Fiction"? Which movie had an animated B-29 bomber?
Which movie had a disembodied head named 'Elsa'? What is the name of the restaurant in "Casino"?
What Philadelphia restaurant was in the "Sixth Sense"?
Is Victor Maitland in "Armageddon"?
What movie had the line "Either get busy living or get busy dying"? Who is the banjo playing boy at the beginning of "Deliverance"?
What 1978 movie did Aerosmith appear in?  
October 14, 2003
What type of car did Xander Cage request in "XXX"? What was the name of the hotel in "The Godfather"?
What movie had the quote "There is a fine line between clever and stupid, and were getting close."? Who was the psychotic girl that said "I'll never tell?"
Is the band in "Almost Famous" real? What was the dead magician's name in "L.A. Story"?
Which movie had Richard Pryor stealing company pennies? Which movie has Billy Blanks as a homicidal football player?
Is the movie "Catch Me If You Can" a remake?
What is the clap board used to start action called?
Which magical donkey movie has the word 'Skin' in the title? What movie has been re-made the most often?
Was Shirley Knight in the movie "Goldfinger"?