Answers: May 21, 2003
Here are the answers I've emailed out to some of the questions you have asked. As you'll see, I don't always know the correct answer but hope to at least provide a hint to steer the person asking in the right direction. If you can clarify, or want to dispute, any of the answers- be sure to contact me and I'll follow up. Every so often I'll add a new page of answers so check back often!
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What 1928 movie was remade in 1997, the title is a phrase with the letters ONTRSWBOSMKEETH in it. It somehow relates to Mother's day.
-Victor Kushida
CMT Answer:
It looks like "Mother Knows Best". There was a 1997 made-for-tv movie and a 1928 original. There's not much info on either on IMDB, especially the older version so it's hard to say if the 97 version is in fact a remake, but here are links to each of the movies:
I'm looking for movies where a character reels off a list of things...for example in Forrest Gump, Bubba lists all the ways to
eat/prepare shrimp. It's for a game where you show a clip to people, then see how many things out of the list people can name.
-Dan Ernst
CMT Answer:
Hmmm... I can't think of too many things off the top off my head. A few:

-Jamie Kennedy listing the things in a sequel that differ from the original in "Scream 2". You might also count the 'How to survive a horror movie' rules list he gave in the original.
-"From Dusk Till Dawn: when Cheech Marin lists the attractions at the 'Titty Twister'
-Arnold Schwarzenegger listing off weapons in the gun shop in "Terminator"
-David Spade reeling off a huge list of fireworks in "Joe Dirt"
-List of items Martin Lawerence says he will need to deliver the pregnant woman's baby in "Big Momma's House"
CMT readers: Have any more lists you can think of? Send them in and I'll include them in our next Q & A page!
There was this horror movie I saw but don't know the name of it. It was about teenages and aliens that were using people as hosts. The only way to tell who was infected was by snorting some stuff, and the queen alien was in one of the kid's bodies but she blocked the stuff from going up her nose to keep them from thinking it was her. At the end, after being chased in the school and pool locker room and killing the queen alien, the geeky kid gets the girl. What's the name of that movie?
CMT Answer:
The movie you described is "The Faculty". The geeky kid was played by Elijah Wood- now known throught the world as Mr. Frodo. The movie also featured Josh Hartnett and Famke Janssen, was written by Kevin Williamson ("Scream" movies), and directed by Robert Rodriguez ("Desperado", "Spy Kids").

What is the longest running time(start to finish) for a movie?
CMT Answer:
This is kind of a tricky question- there are lots of conditionals you can throw in. I checked the Guinness Records online but they had nothing listed to answer your question.

One movie referenced as the longest movie ever comes packaged with a very apt title. "The Longest Most Meaningless Movie in the World" screened in the U.K in 1970 and apparently had a runtime of an even 48 hours. There was no info given on IMDB, not even the subject or runtime, but here's the link:

The next longest film entry I found referenced on a webpage as 'the longest movie', and actually had related information, was a German entry called "Zweite Heimat - Chronik einer Jugend, Die". It runs 1,532 minutes (25 and a half hours). The imdb link is here:
However, this really appears to be a television mini-series comprised of 13 different movies, and not a single continuous movie.

Next up was an Andy Warhol movie - "Empire" which clocks in at 485 minutes (just over 8 hours). This is a single movie, although 'movie' is a term used loosely here. It's a single shot of the Empire state building over the course of a day. Exciting stuff.

However, if you are looking for a major Hollywood movie that you might actually have ever heard of or may want to see, the winner would be "Cleopatra" clocking in at just over 4 hours. (The American Director's cut version is 320 minutes- almost five and a half hours!) The imdb page is here:

And finally a list of Cleopatra and other lengthy Hollywood movies can be found on this page

What kind of horse did Patrick Swayze ride in the 1995 Disney movie "Tall Tales"?
-Dr. Jim
CMT Answer:
He rode a Friesian horse.
Did John Wayne ever win an Oscar?
-Vyonda Warner
CMT Answer:
Yes, he won Best Actor for "True Grit". He also was nominated for "The Sands of Iwo Jima" and "The Alamo". The full page on the Duke's awards at IMDB is here:,%20John
Who was the old Chinese Detective years ago....mostly black and white movies?
CMT Answer:
Sounds like Charlie Chan.
What do you call the velvet ropes set up outside of a theater?
CMT Answer:
That's a good one- I don't know that there is a special name for them. I did a combination of different searches on and went through several movie terminology sites but came up with nothing. I've never heard of any special name for them other than just velvet ropes, so I'm sorry but I don't have an answer for you. If you (or any of you CMT readers) do come across any name though let me know, I'd be interested to hear it.
What was the name of the movie that Doris Day sang "Que C'sera-sera" in and who was the leading man? Thanks.
-Caroline Washer
CMT Answer:
She sang it in the 1956 Hitchcock flick "The Man Who Knew Too Much". The leading man was James Stewart.
Here's a link to the complete lyrics if you're interested.
What was that song that the pedophile convict was singing as he stroked the doll's hair when the plane was about to go down? If I remember correctly, it's a kids' song.
-Karen Tabiolo
CMT Answer:
I think you are refering to "Con Air" starring Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, John Malkovich and Steve Buscemi as the creepy Garland Greene. If that's the case, the children's song that Steve sings in the movie is "He's got the whole world in His hands", which is what the little girl that he looks like he is about to kill sings with him (and maybe accounts for him sparing her life).
Katharine Hepburn as a blind woman in likely an Albert Hitchock movie....what was the movie?
CMT Answer:
I couldn't find a Katharine Hepburn flick in which she played a blind woman. She definitely did not work with Alfred Hitchcock. While searching I came across Audrey Hepburn in a thriller (but not a Hitchcock one) called "Wait Until Dark" in which she plays a blind woman trapped in her apartment with two criminals. Here's the IMDB page:
Was the movie Romancing the Stone filmed in St. Lucia? I was told that by a friend but cannot come up with any information to prove it.
CMT Answer:
IMDB lists the filming locations solely as New York, Utah, and Mexico. However, after some more digging I found the film also shot on location in Cartagena, Columbia, and also in St. Lucia. The shot filmed there was when Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas slide down the waterfall near the end of the flick- this was shot at Diamond Falls in the Botanical Gardens on St. Lucia..
Who is Nikko in the Wizard of Oz?
-Sam Karls
CMT Answer:
Nikko was the head flying monkey in the 1939 flick, but why he ever teamed up with the wicked witch is a question that may never be answered. The winged varmint was played by the actor Pat Walshe.