Answers: July 4th, 2003
Here are the answers I've emailed out to some of the questions you have asked. As you'll see, I don't always know the correct answer but hope to at least provide a hint to steer the person asking in the right direction. If you can clarify, or want to dispute, any of the answers- be sure to contact me and I'll follow up. Every so often I'll add a new page of answers so check back often!
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CMT Answer Update:
In our June 5th answers column, we incorrectly answered the question that asked in which Clint Eastwood movie did he use a makeshift bulletproof vest. The incorrect answer was given as "For a Few Dollars More", where in reality it should've been the prequel to that flick, "A Fistful of Dollars".

What movie is this children's rhyme featured in:

. 'Yesterday upon the stair.
. I met a man who wasn't there.
. He wasn't there again today.
. I wish to hell he'd go away.'

I came across this in a book and it seems achingly familiar. It's dirving me crazy. It may be a child saying it, maybe in a horror film. It may not be the exact line.
CMT Answer:
That's from the recent cool-spooky suspense flick "Identity" starring John Cusack. It was just released in North America at the end of April, and was a minor hit grossing over $50 million domestic. If I recall from the movie correctly, the kid did say the lines but they were also repeated by other characters.
What is the name of the wedding band in "Old School" that covers the song 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'?
-Mike Dee

CMT Answer:
The band is an L.A based combo called "The Dan Band". They're an actual cover band that exclusively does chick songs, and they also appeared as a wedding band on the cancelled ABC comedy "Two Guys and a Girl". Sounds like
they'd have a fun show to go to.


Please help me settle a bet. What was the poem Robert Deniro asked Robin Williams to read to him in the movie "Awakenings"?
-Pete Messbauer
CMT Answer:
The poem DeNiro was fond of in the 1990 tear-jerker was "The Panther" by Karl Rainer Rilke.

What ocean was "Jaws" taped on? Or was it a big pool?
CMT Answer:
They did the bulk of filming for the Spielberg classic on location in Massachusetts, so if my geography-class-memory serves me correctly that would be the Atlantic. However, they also did use a swimming pool for at least one of the scenes, which was when Richard Dreyfuss' character goes down to examine the drifting boat at night and finds the huge gaping hole with the shark tooth in it. Spielberg added Dreyfuss finding the boat passenger's head to this scene for an extra scare after doing initial test screenings of the movie. It was filmed in the movie editor's swimming pool.
I've been trying to figure out this movie for a really long time now. I've been told that this movie is "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"; but I have seen that movie a million times and it is NOT that movie. One night I started watching a movie in the semi-middle of it and have been looking for the movie for years.  Here is what I remember: 

A teenage girl becomes pregnant and her boyfriend breaks up with her because of it. The school nerd is "in love" with the girl and helps her pay for an abortion. The girl's friends all go on a ski trip and she tells her parents she is going also; but she goes for the abortion. There is a scene in the movie where the girl and the nerd are sitting on the bleachers of a football or baseball field at night and there is a really pretty love song playing in the background. The end of the movie, or near the end, the girl is having a birthday party and the nerd brings her a bracelet. The nerd can't find the girl, so he looks in the kitchen and sees the girl kissing the boyfriend. He drops the bracelet and walks out. I'm not sure if that's the end of the movie, but I remember it to be.

CMT Answer:
I searched high and low and I finally came up with the title of your flick- it's 1982's "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" starring Sean Penn as Spicoli. Ha ha just kidding, although I did come across that flick like 100 times before finally finding a different 80's teen movie that fits your description to a 'T'- it was released the same year as Ridgemont and was called "The Last American Virgin". The flick centers on the nerdy kid Gary who falls for the school hottie Karen. Karen unfortunately gets it on with Gary's best friend Rick, gets pregnant, gets dumped and then an abortion. Just when Gary thinks he will be able to hook up with her towards the end of the movie he walks in on Karen and Rick getting it on: end of movie as the credits role over his shocked expression. Mega downer for an 80's teen sex flick but you gotta say it had guts. I can't see any of today's teen comedies getting serious for the last 30 mintues and finishing on a total anti-happy-ending note.

You can go to this 80's movie site to read a more complete plot description and even see some photos from the flick:

I am trying to find the title of a 1950's movie. I know very little but here goes. The movie must have been made 1949 to 1958? I only know the basic plot, and it was a good story.
A man and a woman find themselves in the jungle, with natives trying to kill them. They are searching for the source of gold, specifically small Gold Skeletons worn around the neck of some of the natives. As I remember the navtives would place a Gold Skeleton around the neck of a dead person and through the body in the lake. They find themselves swimming for the lives in a lake, and at the bottom of the lake are hundreds of these Golden Skeletons. I guess they get away and live happily ever after..
CMT Answer:
I think the movie you are after is a 1950 Jungle Jim adventure flick called "Captive Girl". Johnny Weissmuller played Jim, Anita Lhoest played the titular captive beauty, and prolific film star Buster Crabbe (Flash Gordon, Billy the Kid), played a fortune hunter looking for the golden skeletons.

What was E.T.'s favorite candy?

CMT Answer:
That would be Reese's Pieces.

I need to know the name of the person who did the voice of E.T. from E.T. Extra Terrestrial.
CMT Answer:
The voice is widely credited as being that of actress Debra Winger. However, a radio soap actress named Pat Welsh also provided lines for the friendly alien. She was a heavy smoker with a very raspy voice, and was approached by sound guru Ben Burtt- the sound designer behind the alien and robot voices in E.T, the Star Wars films, and others. Pat worked only for nine and a half hours doing recording for the movie..
I heard that rated R films make considerably less than their more youth-oriented ratings(PG-13, PG, G) So what are the top ten highest grossing rated R films (US theatrical releases)?

CMT Answer:
This is true. A good article on this phenomena is on Box Office Prophets, a website I came across while looking for the answer to your question. Their top 10 is a few weeks out of date now that Reloaded far and away has the top spot with a domestic total of over $250 million. The runner up is now Hannibal at 169 million, followed by the rap-tastic 8 Mile. For complete grosses, visit the link below. Here are the top 10:

1) The Matrix Reloaded
2) Hannibal
3) 8 Mile
4) American Pie 2
5) Scary Movie
6) Air Force One
7) Red Dragon
8) Interview with a Vampire
9) Gladiator
10) Scream 3

The Box Office Prophets link:

. .

I have a trivia question. In the James Bond movies, what does "Q" stand for? I know that "Q" was played by Desmond Llewlyn until he passed away and now has been replaced by John Cleese, but what does the "Q" mean?
CMT Answer:
Everyone knows "Q" from the Bond flicks, and you're right that it had all been Desmond Llewlyn playing the legendary weapons and gadgets guru. When John Cleese first appeared as Q's assistant in "The World Is Not Enough", he wasn't known as Q then as he has was in "Die Another Day", but was known as R. After Llewlyn's passing he took the top spot in the movies as the purveyor of weapons and gear, a position known as Quartermaster in the British military world. And that's where the Q comes from- it stands for Quartermaster.
Is it true that producers wanted Bill Cosby to play the character Harry Callahan in the Dirty Harry series?
-Megan McCarthy
CMT Answer:
I could not find any evidence of the producers wanting to cast Cosby in the role. In my searching through the web, I found the role had been offered to John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Steve McQueen, and Paul Newman before finally being accepted by Clint Eastwood. None of the previous four actors would have really been bad choices, but looking back now it's hard to imagine anyone other than Eastwood being the hard-assed San Francisco cop.
Which actor has been in the most movies and how many?
-Daniel Dunbar
CMT Answer:
This question can be answered in a few ways. Are you after 'Hollywood' actors only? Actors only who starred in a leading role, or who appeared in a supporting, character, voice, or extra role as well?

In doing some hunting I came across a few answers. The first quote I came across was on a message board and was "There is an Indian actress named Achi Manorama who has appeared in over 1200 films. She must hold the World Record." However, I couldn't find any other information on this actress other than an odd mention here or there, and no other webpages specifically referencing her prolific career.

Another website listed the Duke, John Wayne, as the most prolific actor with 142 leading roles. I cross-referenced with IMDB and he has 174 actor credits listed, and from the look of the list I would say 142 sounds about right for leading roles.

IMDB also lists the most prolific actor as toon-voice extraordinaire Mel Blanc. Blanc was the voice behind many of the most famous toons, from Barney Rubble to Yosemite Sam, and passed on in 1989. He has 892 listings under the 'Actor' category on IMDB.

Lastly, although the online Guinness World Records site has no listing of the most prolific actor, another site referenced Guinness saying it had Christopher Lee (yep, Count Dooku and Saruman), listed as the top dog. IMDB has 222 listings for Lee (includes 'extra' roles), so if he is not technically the most prolific he is definitely up there among Western actors.
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How many movies did John Wayne Die in ? I think 7? I am I right?

CMT Answer:
I found the answer to your question in a great list someone put together at It lists 11 movies that he died in, with a brief description of each of his deaths:


Who was the boy that sold Bogart the lottery ticket in "Treasure of the Sierra Madre".I think it was Blake.
-Bill Crawford
CMT Answer:
Yep you are right. The young Mexican boy who sold Bogey the lottery ticket was played by accused murderer Robert Blake.
Could you tell me if Leif Garrett filmed a movie in the 1980's in either Lake Tahoe or in Stateline.
CMT Answer:
I went through all of Leif's 80's films on IMDB, and most of them didn't have any filming locations listed. The ones that did listed neither Lake Tahoe or Stateline as a location. However, doing some further searching I found that the 1981 foosball epic "Long Shot Kids", that had Leif trying to win a foosball tournment, took place in Lake Tahoe and filmed on location there. I couldn't find any information specific to Stateline, but it's possible some of Long Shot Kids' scenes were filmed there.
I am looking for the name of a movie. It is a court room drama dealing with racisim in the south. It begins with two small Jewish boys and they go to work with their father. Then the office gets blown up. Can ANYONE help me?

CMT Answer:
I believe the movie you are after is "The Chamber" starring Chris O'Donnell and Gene Hackman. It was based on a John Grisham book and was pretty much universally panned as one of the worst Grisham adaptations, and it tanked in the theaters as well. It does have its fans though, and wasn't all THAT bad.


Who was originally going to play the Terminator?
-Debi Dobbie
CMT Answer:
There were a couple of choices. Apparently O.J Simpson was originally considered a choice, but was disregarded as it was thought he wouldn't do well in the role (and thank god for that casting decision). Next up was Lance Henriksen ('Bishop' from Aliens), who was originally cast to play the cyborg with Arnie intended to be the hero of the flick. After reading the script, however, Arnie asked to play the killer cyborg and Lance was relegated to the role of the police detctive Vukovich.