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Got a movie question you need answered? Let us have a crack at it! Just read through the Rules below then send it on in. We'll post some of the questions and answers from time to time on our Answers pages. Please note some questions may be edited for clarity or brevity. Due to the number of questions we get asked each day, we cannot guarantee a response to each one sent in. Sorry!

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Question Rules:

1) We don't know what kind of sunglasses / shoes / jacket / makeup etc. someone was wearing in a particular movie. This is probably the #1 type of question asked. Sorry, while we may have a head for movie trivia, it isn't a fashion-conscious type of memory.

2) Please don't bother with questions that could only be answered by literally freeze-framing the movie to get the answer. An example: (We really get ones like this) "What newspaper was the girl sitting behind so-and-so in the movie theater in the 1957 movie such-and-such reading?" If you do need such a question answered, you are best off looking for the movie to rent or purchase.

3) We're happy to help you with "I remember a movie from the 1950's about such-and-such. Would you know the name?". However, you can probably find the answer yourself at IMDB (the best web resource for movie info) or searching using keywords on Google. These two resources will lead to the answers 90% of the time. If you try these sites but can't find your answer, let us know. Send as much info as you can remember (approximate year of release, stars, plot points etc.) and we'll give it a shot.

4) Maximum one question per person per week please.

5) No TV trivia. Sorry, we just do movies.

6) Please don't ask us to answer trivia for other movie trivia website contests. It's just wrong on so many levels.

That's it!

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