*** Chain Reaction 3

Another change of pace- this is a second follow up to our July 1999 original and its sequel. This one I think is mayhaps more difficult than its predecessors...

In this quiz, you must type in all answers. Each proceeding question follows from the previous one, so if you don't know the answer to one you may become lost. Be careful of spelling, although capitalization and spacing doesn't matter. I've tried to alter the questions to make spelling as little a factor as possible, but you'll still need to watch out or suffer the wrath of the answer checking program.

(1) The director of the 1996 flick "Chain Reaction" also directed which Steven Seagal hit movie?
(2) What rank did Seagal hold in [#1]?
(3) What's the fourth word of a major 1989 flick that had [#2] as it's second word?
(4) Who was the star of a 1981 movie called [#3]? (last name only)

(5) In which major movie did [#4] star opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger?
(6) What was Arnie's character's last name in [#5]? (last name only)
(7) What's the first name of a very famous screen character with the last name of [#6]? (spelling variant between famous character's last name and [#6] spelling)
(8) What's the first name of the actor who portrayed [#7]? (first name only)
(9) What's the last name of a well-known actor with the first name [#8], who co-starred with Arnie in a cloning movie? (last name only)
(10) In which movie did [#9] play Billy Bob Thorton's dad?