** Chain Reaction 2

A little change of pace. In this quiz, you must type in all answers. Each proceeding question follows from the previous one, so if you don't know the answer to one you may become lost. Be careful of spelling, although capitalization and spacing doesn't matter. I've tried to alter the questions to make spelling as little a factor as possible, but you'll still need to watch out or suffer the wrath of the answer checking program.

(1) What was the last name (only) of the other major male star cast opposite Keanu Reeves in the 1996 flick "Chain Reaction" ?
(2) [#1] paired up with who (last name only) in the 1997 flick Hard Rain (The Flood) ?
(3) [#2] has starred with who: Helen Hunt, Marisa Tomei, Julia Roberts or Jodie Foster in a romance movie? (choose one, type in the full name as it appears)
(4) [#3] won an Academy Award for which movie?

(5) Which actor had the title role in [#4]? (first name only)
(6) [#5] won an Academy Award for which movie?
(7) Another major Academy award winning actor starred in [#6]. Type in his first name only.
(8) [#7] starred in a 1999 comedy with who? - last name only
(9) [#8] was half a cop buddy team in what '80s movie? (first word only of the title)
(10) Auh-nuld has starred in a movie featuring the same first word as [#9]. What was the rest of the title (one or multiple words, don't need the first word again)