** Chain Reaction 2

Another change of pace- this is a follow up to our July 1999 original (yep we've been around that long).

In this quiz, you must type in all answers. Each proceeding question follows from the previous one, so if you don't know the answer to one you may become lost. Be careful of spelling, although capitalization and spacing doesn't matter. I've tried to alter the questions to make spelling as little a factor as possible, but you'll still need to watch out or suffer the wrath of the answer checking program.

(1) The 1996 flick "Chain Reaction" takes place primarily in which major U.S city?
(2) Harrison Ford played a doctor from city [#1] in which action flick?
(3) Who won an Academy Award for his role in movie [#2] (last name only)?
(4) [#3] co-starred with Anne Heche in which movie?

(5) Movie [#4] also featured one of the members of the "Ocean's 11" remake. Who was it? (last name only)
(6) [#5] also had a bit role in the sequel to which 1998 smash action comedy?
(7) Of the two leads in [#6], one starred with Ice Cube in which original (non-sequel) comedy?
(8) The name of [#6]'s character in movie [#7] was also the the first word in a Burt Reynolds comedy. Type in the full name of that original movie (ignore sequels).
(9) Who co-starred as the female lead with Burt in movie [#8] (last name only)
(10) [#9] played the mother of Tom Hanks' character in which movie?