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Difficulty Rating
* = easy **.=.medium ***.=.hard
Specific Movies   
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy **
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues ***
A Night at the Roxbury A Night at the Roxbury **
Alien Alien **
Back to the Future Back to the Future Trilogy **
Batmen Batman movies *
Battleship Battleship *
Blackway Blackway *
Beyond Beyond **
Collateral Cool Professional Hitman **
Date Movie Date Movie **
Dawn of the Dead Original and remake Dawn of the Dead **
Devil Devil **
Disturbia Disturbia **
Doc Hollywood Doc Hollywood **
Don't Breathe Don't Breathe **
Dumb and Dumber To Dumb and Dumber To **
Gladiator Gladiator **
Glass Glass **
Goon Goon **
Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy **
Hanna Hanna the Teenage Assassin **
Harry Potter Harry Potter parts 1 and 2 **
Here Comes the Spider-Man! Spider-Man *
Iron Man Iron Man **
Iron Man 2 Iron Man 2 **
Iron Man 3 Iron Man 3 ***
I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With **
Jack the Giant Slayer Jack the Giant Slayer *
Jack Reacher Jack Reacher ***
Jurassic World Jurassic World **
Kill Bills Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2 **
Kill Bill: Vol 2 Kill Bill: Vol 2 **
Kingpin Kingpin **
Last Man Standing Last Man Standing **
Life of Pi Life of Pi ***
Lord of the Rings Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring **
Meatballs Meatballs ***
Nacho Libre Nacho Libre ***
Napolean Dynamite Napolean Dynamite ***
No Country for Old Men No Country for Old Men ***
Non-Stop Non-Stop ***
Office Space Office Space **
Open Range Open Range **
Oz: The Great and Powerful Oz: The Great and Powerful *
Payback Payback ***
Pee-wee's Big Adventure Pee-wee's Big Adventure **
Real Genius Real Genius ***
Reloaded The Matrix Reloaded ***
Return of the King Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King **
Road House Road House **
Rock of Ages Rock of Ages *
Saving Silverman Saving Silverman **
Shallow Hal Shallow Hal **
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows **
She's Out of My League She's Out of My League **
Shrek Duology Shrek 1 and 2 *
Silver Linings Playbook Silver Linings Playbook **
Snake Eyes Snake Eyes **
Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man 2! **
Stand By Me Stand By Me *
Step Brothers Step Brothers *
St. Vincent St. Vincent **
Taken 2 Taken 2 **
Taken 3 Taken 3 **
The Big Lebowski The Big Lebowski **
The Bourne Legacy The Bourne Legacy **
The Campaign The Campaign ***
The Color of Money The Color of Money **
The Gift The Gift **
The Hangover The Hangover **
The Hangover Part II The Hangover Part II **
The Hangover Part III The Hangover Part III **
The Jinx The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst **
The Ninth Gate The Ninth Gate ***
The Last Stand The Last Stand *
The Rainmaker The Rainmaker *
The Three Stooges The Three Stooges (2012) **
The Transporter The Transporter *
The Trouble with Bliss The Trouble with Bliss *
The Two Towers Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers **
There's Something About Mary There's Something About Mary **
They Live They Live **
The Revenant The Revenant **
The Visit The Visit **
The Watch The Watch **
Tombstone Tombstone **
Touchback Touchback **
Trouble with the Curve Trouble with the Curve **
True Grit (2010) True Grit *
Unbreakable Unbreakable **
Unforgiven Unforgiven **
What is the Matrix? The Matrix *
Where No Man Has Gone Before Star Trek **
X-Men United X-Men and X2 **
You Can Scream All You Want Scream trilogy ***
Star Wars   
Attack of the Clones Episode II **
May the Force Be With You Star Wars original trilogy ***
The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars Episode V ***
The Phantom Menace Star Wars Episode I *
Sci-Fi Themes   
A Stitch in Time Time travel ***
Alien Invasion Identify alien species **
Clone Rangers Clones **
Future Weapons Weapons for a Better Future ***
Moon Base Alpha Moon-centered questions **
More Robots Attack! Still more robots attacking *
Mutant Terror Mutants wreaking havoc ***
OK Computer Computers in movies (easy) *
Revenge of OK Computer More computers in movies (hard) ***
Teleportation Teleportation in movies *
That Ain't No Chevy Space ships ***
The End of the World As We Know It End of the world flicks *
The Future Ain't What It Used To Be Old movies where their future has already happened ***
They Walk Among Us Aliens hidden on Earth **
What Planet Are You From? Movie adventures off-Earth *
When Robots Attack! Robots attacking stuff *
Horror Movies   
Bloodsuckers Vampires and such *
Curse of the Dead Revenge from beyond the grave **
Freddy Vs. Jason Freddy and Jason questions ***
Friday the 13th Friday the 13th ***
Friday the 13th Part 2 Friday the 13th Part 2 ***
Friday the 13th Part III Friday the 13th Part III **
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter **
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning Friday the 13th: A New Beginning **
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives **
Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood **
Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan **
Freddy vs. Jason Freddy vs. Jason **
Friday the 13th (2009) Friday the 13th (2009) **
Ghost in the Shell Ghosts **
Halloween (1978) Halloween (1978) ***
Halloween II (1981) Halloween II (1981) ***
Halloween III Season of the Witch Halloween III Season of the Witch ***
Halloween 4 Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers ***
Halloween 5 Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers **
Halloween 6 Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers **
Halloween H20 Halloween H20: 20 Years Later ***
Halloween Resurrection Halloween Resurrection **
Halloween (2007) Evil Has a Destiny **
Halloween II (2009) Family is Forever **
Halloween (2018) Slasher Film **
Hallowe'en v.1.0 Easy horror questions *
Hallowe'en v.1.1 More easy horror questions *
Hallowe'en v.1.2 Still more easy horror movies *
Hallowe'en v.1.3 Another easy Halloween quiz *
Hallowe'en v.1.4 Yearly easy horror movie quiz *
Hallowe'en v.3.0 Hard horror questions ***
Hallowe'en v.3.1 More hard horror questions ***
Hallowe'en v.3.2 Still more hard horror movies ***
Hallowe'en v.3.3 More hard Halloween horror trivia ***
Hallowe'en v.3.4 Yearly hard horror movie quiz ***
Haunted Houses and Other Spots Places with ghosts **
Intergalactic Terror Sci-fi horror **
Sympathy for the Devil The devil in movies *
World War Z Zombie Pandemic **
Zombie-tastic! Zombies stalking the living ***
Zombie Movies Zombie Movies **
A Band Apart Quentin Tarantino **
Cameroon James Cameron *
Crichtonium Sometimes a director - Michael Crichton *
Direct This Various directors **
I Wuv Woo John Woo ***
John the Carpenter John Carpenter **
Spielberg-a-riffic! Steven Spielberg *
Cute Girls / Cool Guys   
Another Slice of Hubba Hubba More hot chicks **
Babe Alert Sequel to Hubba Hubba **
Coolios Cool guys **
Get Laid Gettin' some **
Hubba Hubba 5 More attack of the lovely cinema ladies **
Hubba Hubba Hubba More questions on babe actresses **
Hubba Hubba Questions on eight babe actresses *
Classic Movies   
Epic Epic movies ***
Film Noir Film Noir flicks ***
More Oldies But Goodies More classic movies **
Oldies But Goodies IV Another installment of classic movie trivia **
Oldies But Goodies V You know you love the oldies and goodies **
Oldies but Goodies Classic movies **
Still More Oldies Still more classic movies ***
Animals / Creatures   
Air Beasties Flying vicious predators *
Dog Day Afternoon Dogs in movies ***
Insect Invasion Insects wreaking mayhem ***
Monkey Business Monkeys cause havoc **
Safari Hunt Exotic animals *
Shark in the Water Sharks and other water predators **
The Science of Monsters Monsters created by science *
Why'd It Have to Be Snakes? Snakey questions *
Winged Terror Flying beasties **
Machines / Things   
Air Combat Fighter planes and battles in the air *
Architecture Buildings / structures *
Big Guns Firearms *
Book Worm Books in movies **
CG Me Computer generated characters **
Carmaggedon Cars **
Chainsaw Champions Dudes with chainsaws **
Grand Theft Auto Cars getting stolen **
Hard Core Gamers Match video games used in movies ***
Helicopters Helicopters *
Identobot Identify the robots **
Mightier Than the Sword Swords in movies *
Pot Pourri Drugs **
Street Racing Cars, bikes, and street racing movies *
Tattoo You Tattoos **
Toys R' Us Match up movie toys **
Underwater Gear Scuba gear, submarines, etc... ***
Countries / Places   
Back to School High school and college **
Canada Day Canada ***
Chinese Take Out Chinese and Hong Kong flicks ***
Down Under Australia ***
Egyptology Egypt *
Island in the Sun Tropical islands *
Just Deserts Deserts in movies **
Land of the Rising Sun Japan ***
New Yawk New York *
Parrots, Drug Cartels, and Mardi Gras South America in movies *
Welcome to the Jungle Jungles in movies **
People Types   
Assassins Trained assassins ***
Bald Guys Bald guys *
Cheer for the Bad Guy When bad guys are the heroes **
Dead Bodies Dead people ***
Fine Young Cannibals Cannibals **
Hey Baby Babies in movies ***
Jumpin' Jack Flash Guys named Jack *
L.A.P.D L.A cops *
Mike Guys named Mike *
Morons Idiots *
Ninja Gaiden Ninjas ***
P.O.T.U.S President of the United States ***
Slow Metabolism Large people **
War Movies   
Modern Warfare War movies set in present day **
Paint It Black Vietnam war movies **
WW II World War II **
Other Movie Genres   
80's Fantasy 80's fantasy flicks **
80's Teen Angst 80s Teen movies **
A Hollywood Xmas Christmas: Tinseltown style *
An Offer Ya Can't Refuse Mob movies ***
Another End of the World More end of the world movies **
Anything But Mickey Non-Disney animated flicks ***
Bond, James Bond 007 flicks **
Bubble Bath and Scented Candles Chick flicks **
Capes and Tights Super hero movies ***
Cop Buddy Cop-buddy movies **
Cowboy Bebop Westerns *
Fickle Foreign Flicks Tough assortment of foreign movie questions ***
Heist Flicks Heists **
Ho x 3 Christmas in Hollywood ***
Ho x3 x2 More Christmas movies *
Kungfu Fighting! Chop-sockey flicks **
More 80's Teen Angst More 80s Teen movies **
More Kungfu Fighting More chop sockey **
Pixar Flicks CG animated Pixar movies *
Prison Break Prison movies ***
Pro Sports Professional sports in movies *
Soul-tastic Blaxploitation flicks **
Sports Night Sports movies *
Swords and Sorcery Fantasy movies **
The Spy Who Loved Me Spy movies ***
Time Specifc Releases   
Academy Awards 2004 Academy Awards 2004 winners **
New World Order New movies circa Dec. 1999 **
Summer 2000 - Pt. 2 Look back at summer 2000 flicks *
Summer 2000 Look ahead at summer 2000 flicks *
Summer 2001: A Cinematic Retrospective Look back on summer 2001 flicks *
Summer 2001 Look ahead at summer 2001 flicks *
Summer 2002 Retrospective Look back on summer 2002 flicks *
Summer 2002 Look ahead at summer 2002 flicks *
Summer 2003 Preview of Summer 2003 flicks *
Summer 2004 Preview of Summer 2004 flicks *
24 Karat Gold in movies **
At the Track Non-car racetracks in movies ***
Big Screen TV 2 More TV-to-movie adaptations ***
Big Screen TV TV shows that were made into movies ***
Eyeballs The eyes have it! **
General Movie Knowledge III Still more general knowledge questions **
General Movie Knowledge General movie knowledge **
Killer Accidents Fatal accidents **
Look Ma, No Hands Missing appendages **
More General Movie Knowledge More general movie knowledge **
Most Disgusting Quiz Ever Gross questions **
No, I Am Your Father Twists in the end of flicks **
Old Man Winter Winter in movies **
Organ Donor Body organs in movies ***
Return to Sender Movies with Return in the title **
Roman Numerals Movie sequels **
Royal Flush Card playing in movies **
Smoke and Mirrors Magic in movies **
Steal of the Century Stealin' stuff **
Sudden Death Hard miscellaneous quiz ***
Tag You're It: The Revenge More tag lines in movies *
Tag, You're It Tag lines of movies *
Time For a Vacation Vacations in movies **
Towering Infernoes Fire in movies ***
User Friendly Quiz made BY the users FOR the users **
Specialty Quizzes   
2-000 Find common pairs **
??? A complete mystery ***
A Question of Character Match character pictures, names, and quotes **
CMTAM Match up abbreviations ***
Chain Reaction 2 More chaining together answers **
Chain Reaction 3 More Chain Reaction goodness ***
Chain Reaction Use one answer to get the next question ***
Eye Spy Match up eyeballs ***
Four By Four Put stuff in a grid **
Foursomes Find common groups of four **
Idento-Gun Identify the movie by the gun ***
Ladder Logic Face a trivia ladder **
Matchup! Match things up **
More Foursomes More finding common groups of four ***
More Matchup! Match up stuff again *
Movie Identity Identify the movie based on a picture ***
Movie Logic 2 More Movie Logic ***
Movie Logic Find the next two items in the sequence ***
Movie Math Use arithmetic to find your answer *
Order Up Again! More putting things in order **
Order Up! Put stuff in order **
Point and Shoot 2 Point to the right part of the picture **
Point and Shoot Click on the answer in the picture **
Pyramid Scheme Scale the trivia pyramid *
Sliders Move sliders to the correct number range **
Ten Pics Identify ten random pictures from movies ***
The Happy Quiz Identify the actor under the happy face ***
The Name of the Game Put the names in the titles of movies **
The Sounds of Hell Identify obscure sound clips from movies ***
Things That Make You Go Boom Match up explosions *
True or False 2 More True or False questions **
True or False 3 Still more True or False **
True or False 4 You know you love True or False! **
True or False Big fat True or False quiz **
User Friendly II Another quiz made BY the users FOR the users **
Whose Line Is It Anyway? Identify movie lines **
You've Got a Big Mouth Match up movie mouths **