The Mystery Quiz

This week's quiz is a little different. Rather than a straight quiz it is a little more like a scavenger hunt through the site- with a few puzzles, and some trivia thrown in to boot. The actual 'quiz' page after this is simply ten blank answer fields to which you must enter the titles of movies. The answers for each number you can find as you progress through the 'hunt'. You will find clues which will lead you to different pages- old quizzes etc. Be ready to use the various pages of the 'Vaults' section extensively. Once you find an answer, just jot it down, type it in Notepad or whatever, until you've found all that you can (all ten are out there, though!). Then just go to the normal quiz page as you would and type in your answers. As usual on the 'type-in' questions capitalization and spacing don't matter but watch your spelling.

To start you must go to the 'Vaults' page and use the 'Search' box. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, the Search box is used to find old quizzes by entering keywords- just like using 'Yahoo' but only searching through CMT. You have to type in your word(s) then click on the 'Search' word above the box to execute your search (just hitting enter doesn't work). Search for the phrase Follow the white rabbit and you will find your first page to get you started. Watch the rabbit and drag your cursor around in the area he is heading to find your first message.

Find all you can, then send in your answers. Next week a complete 'how-to' find all the answers will be posted. Good luck and good hunting!

Once you have found all the answers you can, come back to this page and click on

This link to write in your answers

You'll get to the actual fill-in the answers page so you can score yourself. Once you have done that and gotten your score, you can check out the

Answers (don't check until you've tried the test!)

by clicking on the above. It is a detailed how-to on where you could find all ten of the answers.