How To Solve the Mystery Quiz

Yep- it was a toughie. Lots of Leaguers didn't even try this week's- so those that didn't like it didn't like it alot. On the other hand, those that liked it seemed to really enjoy the change of pace. Anyhow, here is a step by step on how you could have found all ten answers hidden throughout CMT.

1) As per the League page, you had to go to the Vaults section and enter the phrase 'Follow the white rabbit' in the Search box to get started.
2) You found only one result returned, which was a link to this page.

3) You go there, and find nothing but a white page with a faint outline of a rabbit jumping to the upper right corner of the screen. You tried holding down the mouse button and swooping the cursor in the direction he was headed. You found a message:

Continue on
You will find three hints
One in each of the
Star Wars

That pointed you on to the Star Wars quizzes as starting points for this quiz.

4) You could find the Star Wars quizzes by any means. The Category page was the easiest place for this as it has a 'Star Wars' section with the three quizzes listed. Say you tried the first one listed- 'May the Force Be With You'. You scrolled down a bit and saw a 'T' in both the left and right columns on the quiz- something not normally there. 'Hmmm... odd' you thought. You again placed your cursor in the area, and held the button while scrolling down to see if anything was there. You were right, you saw a vertical message revealed

Try the quiz with the lowest average score

And, on the other side

Try the quiz with the highest average score

You needed to then go the Rankings page where quizzes are ranked by score.

5) Say you tried the highest ranked quiz first. You found that it was Summer 2000. In this quiz are a couple of hints. Scroll down and you would have seen a hint in the first area-

Gladiator is also Mystery # 3

There was your answer to number three. You also scrolled down to the bottom for good measure, and saw the link 'Click here for more mystery fun'. You clicked on it, and were taken to a blue page with a message scrolling along the bottom.

The star of Gladiator teamed up with another actor for the final showdown in L.A Confidential. That actor stars in a recent 2001 flick that also reunites an actor and an actress who worked together in a previous 1999 hit. That flick is the answer to mystery quiz no. 7

Solving this gets you: Russell Crowe teamed up with Guy Pearce for the finale in "L.A Confidential". Guy Pearce's latest flick is "Memento". Memento also stars Carrie-Ann Moss and Joe Pantoliano- who were teamed up for "The Matrix". That was your answer to number seven.

6) Next you tried the lowest ranked quiz- which you found from the Rankings page as 'Revenge of Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?'. An ultra-toughie with an abysmally low 24.9% average. Moving your cursor around the page, you found the CMT logo had the message 'Look Under the Stars'. Again using the old click-and-drag the mouse cursor to reveal hidden messages, if you looked under the 'three-star' rating of the quiz you found the secret message 'Check the bottom of the League Guestboook'. So off you go the League 'Talk' page for a couple of hints. Scrolling down you found the message that some guy left:

Hello, the answer to the mystery quiz question number 9 is Aliens
Hinty guy <I love hints>

There was your answer to number nine. Above this, by clicking on the 'I love hints' email link, you revealed a message that told you to check out the first quiz in the category listings. Let's follow that one up...

7) The first quiz in the Category listing was Jumpin' Jimminy Carey. Scanning the page towards the bottom you found the grammatically incorrect sentence:

Hint for mystery are found in muted hints

'Muted hints' led you to try the 'No Sound' hints button located conveniently just to the right. You clicked it and found the message

The answer to mystery quiz #6 is the answer to question #9 on this quiz.

The answer to question number nine on the Jim Carey quiz was 'Cliffhanger'. There was your number six.

8) You've exhausted all leads from the first Star Wars quiz, so you head back and try the next one, which was 'The Empire Strikes Back'. A couple of leads on this one. Scrolling around, you noticed at the bottom the message

The answer to question #5 on the Mystery quiz, is one of the answer choices on this quiz, spelt backwards

Fair enough. You lookes around at the answers for something that made sense spelt backwards, and found on question #7 that one of the answer choices was Eguor Niluom, which backwards is the upcoming flick Moulin Rouge- your answer to number five.

Also looking around you found an off-color link up by the three star ranking of the quiz simply called Mystery. Clicking on it you found a page full of news. By either simply waving your mouse over the page and finding words that changed color, or by looking at the words that were slightly off-black, you pieced together the message

You must go to the John Woo quiz

Furthermore, reading the very last sentence gave you

Also check out the "least favorite" drop list box on our Cool Movie Survey page

You decided to try the John Woo quiz first.

9) You found the John Woo quiz to be vertically very long, and were suspicious. You scrolled all the way down but found nothing. Once again, you thought 'a-ha!' and tried the old click-and-drag-to-reveal-secret-message-trick. You were right, you got two hints. The first was


It confused you, but then you noticed that by descrambling the letters you got 'The Great Escape', the answer to Q8, question eight. Underneath it you found the message

C Our 6.2000 **s 4 more They work together

You correctly deduced "See our 6/2000 two-stars for more"- you needed to try the two star quizzes from June 2000, so you headed to the Quizzes by 'Date' listing and found that there were indeed two two-star quizzes from that time. The first was Swords and Sorcery and the second Babe Alert.

10) Your tried Swords and Sorcery. You saw a picture for one of the questions with the out of place message

Try Cameron Reese Reese Halle

You weren't quite sure what the heck that meant so you left it. Scrolling down you saw the link Click here for mystery q fun. You clicked it and found a picture that you could only see a wee bit at a time. After a while you figured out it was the poster for Pearl Harbor, and saw the message at the bottom

It's question #10

There was your ten asnwer.

11) Next you went to Babe Alert. You didn't see anything of interest there, but you noticed the lovely girls up top- and some of their names. Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry. You also recalled the hint that led you to these quizzes 'They work together'. Putting two and two together, you went back to the Swords and Sorcery quiz. You equated each of the names to the letter they were in the Babe quiz. Cameron=B Reese=E Halle=F. You typed in 'BEEF' in the answer box on Swords and Sorcery and submitted it. You got the answer

'The answer to question number one is Memento'

'Cool' you thought, and you had found your answer to number one.

11) Going way back to step (8) on this page, you remembered to try the Least Favorite box on the Survey page. You did, and by scrolling down found the message

Mystery quiz #4 is Goldfinger

One more answer checked off, number four.

12) You were heading into the home stretch. You went back to your Star Wars quizzes and tried 'The Phantom Menace'. Moving your cursor around, you found Mace Windu's eyes creeping you out by moving towards the CMT logo when you moved your mouse over his pic. You tried clicking on the logo and found this page. There were movie posters and this message

Q B = A X E

After some thought you tried switching the numbers for letters. And found that B=2, A=1, and E=5. You left the Q and X and were left with Q 2 = 1 X 5. You counted one across, five down, and saw the poster for 'The Big Hit', your answer to question two. You rejoiced, because that was the end- you typed in your answers and had a sound night's sleep.

That's it. Questions? Comments? Angry rants? Feel free to post in the League Guestbook how much you hated it, or send off an e-mail.