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Movie Trivia:

Retro Quiz: A Blast from the Past  

Welcome to the original home of movie trivia on the web! Over the last 12 years, hundreds of thousands of movie lovers have pitted themselves against our quizzes and games for the challenge and the fun. Suited to all ages and all skill levels, we have more than 10,000 unique questions to keep you entertained. Have fun!

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Feature Flash Games:  
Who Wants to be a Zillionaire Cool Movie Poker CMT Shooter

Who Wants To Be A Cool Movie Zillionaire

Our most popular feature. Game-show style trivia action!

Cool Movie Poker

Take on ten cities worth of opponents in this original poker / movie trivia game.

CMT Shooter

Original cross between movie trivia and action shooting. Get through all six levels!

Star Wars Zillionaire Spider-Man Zillionaire  

Who Wants To Be A Star Wars Zillionaire

Our Zillionaire game - Star Wars style!

Who Wants To Be A Spider-Man Zillionaire

Our Zillionaire game - Spidey style!

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