The Last Stand

The Last Stand

Difficulty Level: EASY

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1) What highway route is is used in The Last Stand?


2) Which of the following actors played Sheriff Ray Owens in The Last Stand?

Arron Shiver
Forest Whitaker
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Luis Guzman

3) In what town does The Last Stand take place?

La Mesilla
Big Sky
Summerton Junction

4) Drug lord Gabriel Cortez escapes the FBI by driving which of the following vehicles?

Camro IROC
Corvette C6 ZR1
Infiniti Q60
Cadillac Escalade

5) Which of the following deputies is shot in the dark by Cortez men during a shoot out?

Jerry Bailey
Sarah Torrance
Mike Figuerola
Lewis Dinkum

6) What kind of gun is "Vicky" in The Last Stand?

Tommy Gun
12 Gauge Shotgun
Vickers machine gun
.50 Browning Machine Gun

7) Which vehicle does Sheriff Owens use to shoot "Vicky" from?

Cadillac Escalde
Ford Expedition
School Bus
Ford F-150

8) What king of gun does Lewis Dinkum use to blow up a bad dude?

Flare Gun
Tommy Gun
Rocket Launcher

9) Gabriel Cortez reaches speeds approaching the following while driving a sports car.

120 mph
150 mph
200 mph
250 mph

10) Which actor plays the farmer Mr. Parsons whom is murdered in The Last Stand?

Harry Dean Stanton
Johnny Knoxville
Mark Sivertsen
Kent Kirkpatrick

11) Which actors plays the leader of the bad men in The Last Stand?

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Eduardo Noriega
Peter Stormare
Luis Guzmán

12) Don't try to see death coming, you ____.

13) I've seen enough blood and death, I know what's ______.

14) Which of the following actors played agent John Bannister in The Last Stand?