Studly Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is always in tip-top shape and ready to use his fists or brains. Use your own noggin to complete this quiz on Stallone and his movies.

Difficulty Level: EASY

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1) In which movie did Stallone's character ask "Why you pushing me?"

First Blood
Lock Up

2) Which Stallone movie is this photo from?

Cop Land
Get Carter
Eye See You
First Blood

3) Which actress played Ingrid Knutsen, the girl Cobra protected.

Sandra Bullock
Brigitte Nielsen
Teri Hatcher
Sharon Stone

4) What was the name of Rocky's pet dog?


5) Which Stallone movie is this photo from?

Get Carter
The Specialist

6) What was the name of the wrestler Rocky fought in Rocky III.

Blonde Bomber
Macho Man

7) Which Stallone movie is this theme song from?

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Rocky II
Rocky III
Rocky V

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8) Which Stallone movie did the character Freddy Heflin play in.

Cop Land
Get Carter

9) Which actor in The Expendables was a former UFC fighter.

Jet Li
Jason Stratham
Randy Couture
Dolph Lundgren

10) Which actor did not make an appearance in The Expendables?

Eric Roberts
Steve Austin
David Zayas
Jean-Claude Van Damme

11) In which Rocky movie does Apollo Creed die in?

Rocky II
Rocky III
Rocky IV
Rocky V

12) The character Booker is played by which of the following actors in The Expendables 2.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Liam Hemsworth
Chuck Norris
Randy Couture

13) How much did Rocky Balboa weigh in at for the charity boxing match in Rocky III?

200 lbs
202 lbs
212 lbs
222 lbs

14) Rocky Balboa's trainer Mickey dies in which Rocky movie?

Rocky II
Rocky III
Rocky IV