Le Jackson de Samuel

One of the hardest working dudes in show business. We now pay tribute to the master of bad-ass, Samuel L. Jackson.

Difficulty Level: EASY

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1) The 'modern era' of Sam Jackson popularity came with his role in "Pulp Fiction". What was the name of the character he played?

Vincent Vega
Jules Winnfield
Marsellus Wallace
Butch Coolidge

2) Sam was eaten by a smart shark in "Deep Blue Sea". Why did the shark get so smart?

Crossbred with dolphins
Alzheimer's research
Cybernetic implants
Taught by sea monkeys

3) What was Sam and his team's main mission in the 2003 action flick "S.W.A.T"?

Neutralize terrorists at airport
Breakup bank robber ring
Transport drug kingpin to prison
Recover stolen S.W.A.T weapons

4) Who did Sam behead in "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones"?

Count Dooku
Princess Amidala
Anakin Skywalker
Jango Fett

5) In which film was Sam's character protected by the FBI so that he could testify against a mob boss?

The Man
The Cleaner
Snakes on a Plane

6) What happened to Sam's character in the 1995 crime thriller "Kiss of Death"?

Tear duct problems
Pinky shot off
Section of intestine removed
Manhood severed :(

7) In what location did Sam make a cameo appearance in the George Clooney - Jennifer Lopez crime flick "Out of Sight"?

Bank teller window
Tropical island
Prison van

8) What mnemonic trick did Sam use to remember things in the 1996 action movie "The Long Kiss Goodnight"?

Wrote memos on hand
Sang what he needed to remember
Put twist-ties on his fingers
Stapled post-it notes to his forehead

9) In what country did Sam's character go missing during a hurricane in the convoluted thriller "Basic"?


10) What did Sam use in "Die Hard: With a Vengeance" to break into a car?

Thug's head
Gold brick
Machine gun

11) In which movie did we see Sam's character's severed arm?

Deep Blue Sea
Jurassic Park

12) What disfigurement did Sam's character have in the Vin Diesel kinda-flop "XXX"?

Wooden leg
Scarred face
Glass eye
Six fingers on one hand

13) Why was Sam such an angry family man in the 1996 legal thriller "A Time to Kill"?

Daughter raped
Son lynched
Wife shot
Dog drowned

14) "You think it could go on like this forever? Living like this with no consequences? There are always consequences!" is a quote from which Samuel Jackson movie?

Jackie Brown
Home of the Brave

15) What movie is this Sam audio clip from?

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16) What Samuel L. Jackson movie is this face from?

17) What Samuel L. Jackson movie is this face from?

18 - 21) I Am (not) Sam Poster Matchup

Sam's been a key member of an ensemble cast in plenty of movies over the years. See if you can figure out which Samuel Jackson movie is represented by a head of an actor taken from the poster that is not Sam himself. Beware, as there are more movies in the list than pictures...

(a) Changing Lanes
(b) Loaded Weapon 1
(c) The Negotiator
(d) The Red Violin
(e) Sliver
(f) Soul Men
(g) Sphere
(h) Star Wars: Episode 1
(i) Star Wars: Episode 2
(j) True Romance