Real Genius

Not your average movie quiz. For this one, you will need to know Real Genius like the back of your hand. For this reason, we give it our rare 'Expert' difficulty rating.

Difficulty Level: EXPERT

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1) In the opening credits of Real Genius, which song is playing?

I'm Falling by The Comsat Angels
Our Love is Here to Stay by Billie Holiday
You Took Advantage of Me by Carmen McRae
Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears

2) What was the first target vaporized in the simulation scene?

Man driving a car
Man sitting in a chair
Man standing in the desert
Billy goat

3) What breakfast did Mitch's mother regret not being able to make him on the morning of his placement tests?

Bacon and eggs

4) What was Chris Knight wearing on his head during this exchange?

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Silver antennae
Clapping hands hat
Lightning bolt cap
Dog ears

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5) According to Hathaway, what age was the youngest student ever accepted into Pacific Tech?


6) Upon their first meeting, what does Jordan ask Mitch if he has?

Study partner

7) Which T-Shirt does Chris Knight NOT wear in the movie?

I ♥ Toxic Waste
Harley Davidson
Surf Nicaragua
Led Zeppelin in Moscow
International Order For Gorillas
Summer Games 1984

8) When Mitch finds the hidden door in the closet, which message was waiting for him?

You are here
This way down
This is it
Beware! Danger!

9) What does this represent?

The Liberate Project
The Longshank Project
The Bullseye Project
The Crossbow Project

10) Which of the following did Jordan NOT develop?

Oversized cherry
Automatic page turner
Folding chair sled
Portable re-breather

11) Which state did Sherry say that she and Lazlo were headed to in their Winnebago?

South Dakota

12) What company name was on the side of the truck that Chris and Mitch drove to Jerry Hathaway's house?

Laser Blast Plumbing
Popcorn Unlimited
Pacific Moving Company
Drain Experts, Inc.

13) What was the name of the Air Force base that Mitch and Chris talked their way into in order to sabotage the experiment?


14) When Mitch first encountered Lazlo Hollyfeld, what was Lazlo holding?

Satchel of music CDs
Stack of Frito Lay contest entries
Computer components
McDonald's meal

15) Which of the following was not a line spoken by Dr. Hathaway?

That's what you get for not having an education.
Get it away from me! I hate popcorn!
Up the voltage.
You will rue the day!
Your colon. What does it look like?

16) According to Chris Knight, what lookalike contest had the dorm hosted in the past?

Albert Einstein
Max Planck
Isaac Newton
Madame Curie

17) Complete this line: "Well, I guess it goes from God, to Jerry to you to __________. Right, Kent?"

the hardware store
the grocery store
the tailor
the cleaners

18) Which of the following actors played "Mitch" in Real Genius?

Val Kilmer
Gabriel Jarret
Jon Gries
Dean Devlin