The Cagey Nicolas Cage

Snake Eyes, National Treasure, Ghost Rider, Guarding Tess... So many different characters, genres and movies. Nicholas Cage will not be boxed in a corner. Now test your Nicolas Cage movie IQ...

Difficulty Level: EASY

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1) Which occupation did Nicolas Cage's father have?

Movie Director
Literature Professor
Movie Actor

2) Which was the actual name of the Ghost Rider character?

Ted Roberts
Johnny Blaze
Mack Stevens
Magic Mark

3) Which movie is this photo from?

The Wicker Man
National Treasure
Snake Eyes

4) Which actor hasn't appeared in any Nicolas Cage movies?

Sean Penn
Christopher Lambert
John Goodman
Elijah Wood

5) Which is the first movie Nicolas Cage appeared in?

Fast Times at Ridgemont High
The Cotton Club
Peggy Sue Got Married
The Boy in Blue

6) Which was the main character's name in Wild at Heart?

Johnny Handsome
Sailor Ripley
Rick Santoro

7) In Drive Angry, John Milton rescues a waitress named Piper from which of the following?

Car Crash
Cheating Fiance

8) In 8MM Cage's character Tom Welles works as the following:

Police Officer
Private Detective
Movie Projectionist

9) Which is Nicolas Cage's real name?

Nicholas Coppola
Anthony Voight
Nicolas Pressley
Tommy Gunn

10) The name of the character Nocolas Cage played in National Treasure was?

Ian Howe
Riley Poole
Benjamin Gates
Patrick Gates

11) In which movie does Cage co-star with Gary Sinise?

Snake Eyes
Con Air
National Treasure

12) Which of these movies hasn't Nicolas Cage appeared in? (Choose all that apply.)

Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Honeymoon in Vegas

13) The Ghost Rider fights against the son of the devil himself named ______?