One word has come to identify one of the biggest actors, for better or worse, to ever come out of Canada. That's right, it's time for a Keanu Reeves quiz...

Difficulty Level: MEDIUM

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1) Which one was Keanu in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure"?


2) What was Keanu's character up to in "The Watcher"?

Couch potato
FBI profiler
Porn addict
Serial killer

3) What sport did Keanu bet on, and lose an assload of money on, in "Hardball" when he was waiting outside the bar for the results?


4) What sin does Al Pacino use to try to get Keanu Reeves once again down the 'dark side' at the end of "The Devil's Advocate"?


5) In which movie does Keanu scamper underneath the girders of a moving bridge while evading law authorities that are trying to apprehend him?

Point Break
Feeling Minnesota
Sweet November
Chain Reaction

6) Where did Keanu shoot his partner, in "Speed"?


7) What Shakespeare movie did Keanu appear in?

Romeo and Juliet
Much Ado About Nothing
Merchant of Venice

8) In which movie did Keanue Reeves co-star with Charlize Theron?

Feeling Minnesota
The Gift
The Matrix
Sweet November

9) In what movie did Keanu co-star with Patrick Swayze?

Point Break
My Own Private Idaho
Johnny Mnemonic
Feeling Minnesota

10) Which Keanu movie takes place in the year 2021?

Johnny Mnemonic
The Matrix Reloaded
The Matrix
Chain Reaction

11) In which movie does Keanu play a football player?

Hard Ball
The Replacements
The Watcher
Feeling Minnesota

12) In which movie does Keanu play a police officer that ends up shooting his boss?

Point Break
Street Kings
Chain Reaction

13 - 16) Keanu sound matchup

Match the Keanu quote to the movie it was from. There are more answers than questions, so choose carefully. The last quote isn't really Keanu's, per se, except for his heavy breathing.

(a) Dangerous Liaisons
(b) Dracula
(c) Feeling Minnesota
(d) Hardball
(e) Johnny Mnemonic
(f) The Replacements
(g) Point Break

Can't play sound? Read the quotes instead.

17 - 20) Who's that Keanu?

Match the Keanu mug to the movie in which it was featured. Be careful, as there are extra flicks in the list to choose from!

(a) Feeling Minnesota
(b) The Gift
(c) Hardball
(d) Little Buddha
(e) My Own Private Idaho
(f) The Replacements
(g) Speed