Ed D Mir Fee

Test your Eddie Murphy trivia chops with this quick set of questions...

Difficulty Level: EASY

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1) What city was Murphy's character Axel Foley from in "Beverly Hills Cop"?

Los Angeles

2) Horror meister Wes Craven directed which Eddie Murphy flick?

People Under the Stairs
Vampire in Brooklyn

3) What was the name of Eddie's sinister alter-ego in "The Nutty Professor"?

Buddy Love
Jackie Romance
Terry Lust
Chester Passion

4) What was Eddie's (main) character in "Coming To America"?

African Prince
Advertising executive
President of France
Department store Santa

5) What were the main villains of "Beverly Hills Cop II" up to?

Armed robberies
Serial killings
Puncturing kids' balloons
Planting bombs on bridges

6) What did Eddie Murphy's movie-star character get caught doing on film in "Bowfinger"?

Beating up a monkey
Flashing Lakers Girls
Kissing a fat guy
Wearing makeup, high heels

7) Which Murphy movie DIDN'T have a sequel?

Beverly Hills Cop
48 Hours
Trading Places
The Nutty Professor

8) Eddie Murphy provides the voice for which character from Shrek?

Baby Bear
Peter Pan

9) Eddie co-stars with which actor in Another 48 Hrs.?

Robert De Niro
Nick Nolte
Judge Reinhold
Arsenio Hall

10) In which movie die Murphy co-star with Richard Pryor?

Trading Places
Harlem Nights
The Golden Child

11 - 14) Murphy Audio Matchup

Click on the quote to hear the Murphy quip, then match it to the flick it is from. An extra flick is in the list to spice things up.

(a) 48 Hours
(b) Beverly Hills Cop
(c) Boomerang
(d) Coming to America
(e) The Nutty Professor

Can't play sound? Read the quotes instead.

15 - 18) Eddie Poster Matchup

Match the poster detail of Eddie to the flick it is from. An extra movie is in the list to keep things lively...

(a) Bowfinger
(b) Dr. Dolittle
(c) The Golden Child
(d) Life
(e) Trading Places