Difficulty Level: MEDIUM

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1) How many people get trapped inside the elevator in Devil?


2) What is initially annoying the people on the elevator in Devil?

Lack of Air
Bright Lights

3) The person that killed Detective Bowden's wife and son leaves an apology note on which of the following?

Car Wash Coupon
Page from Bible
Piece of Wood

4) A woman commits suicide in Devil by doing the following.

Shooting herself
Overdosing on sleeping pills
Jumping from skyscaper
Electrocuting herself

5) How is the old woman killed in the elevator in Devil?

Stabbed with glass
Chocked to death
Hung from ceiling

6) Which of the following persons trapped inside the elevator was actually the Devil?

Security Guard
Mattress Salesman
Old Lady

7) For what reason was the trapped mechanic visiting the building in Devil?

To fix the elevator
To visit a lawyer
To commit suicide
job interview

8) What does the person that killed Detective Bowdens's wife and son write in the apology note?

Please forgive me
It wasn't my fault
I'm so sorry
It was an accident

9) Detective Bowden notices that the old woman stole the following before entering the elevator?

Car keys

10) Why does the devil spare Tony's(mechanic) life in Devil?

He apologizes for his sin
He is innocent of any crime
He has a family
He helps others

11) Which of the following actors played the Mattress Salesman in Devil?

Jacob Vargas
Bokeem Woodbine
Logan Marshall-Green
Chris Messina

12) Which actor plays the security guard trapped in the elevator?

Chris Messina
Logan Marshall-Green
Geoffrey Arend
Bokeem Woodbine

13) What does Detective Bowden find inside the satchel that belongs to one of the people trapped in the elevator?

14) In Devil Detective Bowden is a recovering ______?