Clone Rangers

Take a dip in the gene pool with this quiz about cloning in movies...

Difficulty Level: MEDIUM

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1) What's the subtitle for "Star Wars: Episode II"?

The Clone Wars
Attack of the Clones
Rise of the Clones
Clones on the Loose

2) Where did the clones of the Arnie flick "The Sixth Day" have a small mark to indicate the number of times they had been replicated?

Inner butt cheek
Inner eyelid
Between second and third toes

3) Mini-Me was a clone of Dr. Evil in "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me". What was his proportional size to the original doctor?

One half
One sixth
One eighth

4) The alien being of John Carpenter's "The Thing" could clone itself into any living organism. What do we see it as at the start of the 1982 classic?

Norwegian scientist
Swedish scientist
Wild wolf

5) In which "Alien" movie was Ripley cloned?

Alien 3
Alien 4 (Alien Resurrection)
Trick question - she wasn't

6) In the "Fifth Element", the cosmo-girl Leeloo was blown up in a spaceship crash. From what did the scientists on Earth re-clone her into existence?

A single cell
A strand of hair
A vial of blood
Her eyeball

7) Which animals' DNA did the scientists at "Jurassic Park" mix with dinosaur DNA in order to clone the extinct creatures?

Komodo dragon

8) The human 'batteries' kept inside "The Matrix" were cloned and grown, rather than born. What was part of the nutritional goodness we see that the computers used to feed them?

Salt water
Liquified dead people
Ground up seaweed
Pablum, lots of pablum

9) In Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure their clones from the future arrive in which of the following?

Phone booth

10) In Resident Evil: Afterlife which character is cloned?


11) In which major Hollywood movie did the plot center around post-World War II Nazis based in South America who had a plot to create a new Adolph Hitler through cloning?

12) Which movie poster had this creepy picture on it?