Big Bad Bruce Willis

He's climbed the Hollywood ladder from wisecracking TV costar to 100 million dollar event flick main lead. While ya pretty much love him or hate him, Bruce has stirred up Hollywood over the last two decades, so reflect on his contributions to the silver screen with this Bruce - related quiz.

Difficulty Level: EASY

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1) Which actress was Bruce married to?

Julia Roberts
Roseanne Barr
Marisa Tomei
Demi Moore

2) In which movie DOESN'T Bruce's character die?

Four Rooms
The Jackal
Twelve Monkeys

3) Which of these actresses has Bruce been paired with in a movie?

Jessica Rabbit
Jodie Foster
Michelle Pfeiffer
Meg Ryan

4) In the "Sixth Sense", why does Bruce first believe the kid can really see ghosts?

Hears spooky voice on tape
Kid's head twists around 180 degrees, spews vomit
Sees strange light in all photos taken of the kid
Kid produces ecto-plasm sample as proof

5) In "Armageddon", why was Bruce extra happy to see AJ (Ben Affleck) on the asteroid, other than the fact he was still alive?

Brought extra oxygen supply
N64 'Goldeneye' no fun with only three players
Had spare drill bits
Able to fix hyper drive on ship

6) What Bruce flick is this pic from?

Disney's The Kid
Hudson Hawk
Striking Distance

7) In which Bruce Willis movie does his character work as a hired gun?

Last Man Standing
The Jackal
Mercury Rising

8) In which movie does Bruce work as a security guard?

16 Blocks
Die Hard

9) In which movie does Bruce play a terrorist character?

The Fifth Element
Mercury Rising
The Jackal

10) In which movie does Bruce end up shooting a German terrorist named Hans?

Pulp Fiction
Mortal Thoughts
Die Hard
Die Hard 2

11) Which TV series made a star out of Bruce Willis?

The Twilight Zone
Miami Vice

12) Which of these movies has Bruce appeared in? (Choose all that apply.)

The Player
Billy Bathgate
Blind Date
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

13 - 19) Bruce Job Matchup

Match the job Bruce's character had to the movie.

(a) Boxer
(b) Cop
(c) Gun for hire
(d) Private detective
(e) Shrink
(f) Taxi driver
(g) Thief
Die Hard
Hudson Hawk
Pulp Fiction
Color of Night
Last Boy Scout
Last Man Standing
Fifth Element

20 - 23) Die Hard Audio Match

Match the Die Hard quote to the film it's from.

Die Hard
Die Hard 2
Die Hard With a Vengeance
Live Free or Die Hard

Can't play sound? Read the quotes instead.

24) Who HASN'T Bruce killed on-screen? (Choose one.)