Battleship (2012)

Difficulty Level: MEDIUM

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1) Alex Hopper assumes command of which of the following battleships?

USS New Jersy
USS Abraham Lincoln
USS Sampson
USS John Paul Jones

2) Which of the following actors plays Admiral Shane in Battleship?

Alexander Skarsgard
Liam Neeson
Taylor Kitsch
Peter MacNicol

3) What are the aliens very sensitive to in Battleship?

Sun Light

4) The movie Battleship was inspired by the classic board game made by which of the following companies?

Parker Brothers
Milton Bradley Company

5) Which decommissioned battleship did Alex Hopper comandeer?

USS New Jersey
USS Missouri
USS Nebraska
USS Texas

6) How did Alex Hopper and his battleship avoid the descending alien sidewinders?

Reversed Course
Hard Turn Starboard
Dropped Anchor
Sped Forward

7) Which method did Captain Nagata use to track the alien ships?

Heat signature
Water displacement

8) Which medal did Alex Hopper receive from the Navy in Battleship?

Silver Star
Gold Cross
Medal of Honor
Bronze Star

9) Alex Hopper falls in love with which of the following character's daughter in Battelship?

Captain Yugi Nagata
Commander Stone Hopper
Admiral Shane
Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales

10) Which of the following persons directed the movie Battleship?

Peter Berg
Steven Spielberg
Ingmar Bergman

11) Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales and Samantha encounter an alien on which of the following islands?


12) Which object or property did Captain Nagata use to track the alien ships in Battleship?

Magnetic Field
Tsunami Buoy
Heat Signature
Sound Waves

13) What rank is Alex Hooper in the movie Battleship?


14) Sam works at which of the following occupations in the movie Battleship?

Naval Petty Officer
Physical Therapist

15) Where did Captain Nagata learn how to shoot a gun?

Naval Training
Summer Camp
Video Games

16) Alex Hopper assumes command of the Battleship for which the following reasons?

No one else volunteers to take control.
He is the remaining senior officer
His superiors are all killed.
He is the most respected naval officer on board.

17) Fight the enemy where they _______?

18) Which of the following actresses played Petty Officer Cora 'Weps' Raike in Battleship?