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This forum is for posting sensible trivia questions about movies and films. Following are a few guidelines as to what is and is not appropriate:

1) No questions about what kind/brand of sunglasses, shoes, jacket, makeup, etc. someone was wearing in a particular movie. That's not what this board is for.

2) Please don't bother with questions that could only be answered by literally freeze-framing the movie to get the answer. An example: (We really get ones like this) "What newspaper was the girl sitting behind so-and-so in the movie theater in the 1957 movie such-and-such reading?" If you do need such a question answered, you are best off looking for the movie to rent or purchase.

3) No TV trivia. Sorry, we just do movies.

4) Please don't post questions from other movie trivia website contests. It's just wrong on so many levels.

Have fun!

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