*** Zombie-tastic!    

brains......... urrrrghhh... need... brains....... kill... ..humans.. get the.. warm.... ..brains.....

Warning: some gore towards bottom!


1) Target practice

As a general zombie movie rule, where do you have to shoot one of the undead to put it down permanently? Click on the spot and a letter will appear in the box designating the area you clicked. Netscape users: you may have problems having the area appear in the answer field below. This is a browser problem, and you may have to use Internet Explorer for this quiz.

2) What are the words Ash screws up in "Army of Darkness" that causes the zombie army to come to life?
Klaatu verrata nectu
Klepko verrata nartar
Klestro verrata naktak
Klafta verrata nipto

5) Which ISN'T the title of an actual zombie movie?
I Was a Teenage Zombie
White Zombie
Zombie Hunter
Zombie vs. Ninja
3) Which 1988 movie featured an undead cop battling undead criminals?
6) Bill Pullman is given the zombie drug and buried alive in "The Serpent and The Rainbow". What is put in his casket with him?
Another corpse
4) What is the title of the horror flick that rocker Rob Zombie has written and directed?
Dusk of the Dead
Zombie Army
The Hills Have Eyes
House of 1000 Corpses
7) Who is generally accepted as being the king of creating gory makeup for zombie flicks?
(Last name only- unless you completely pooch the spelling you should be fine)


8-11) Zombie pic matchup

Match the pic to the flick. A couple extra titles thrown in to keep you on your undead toes!