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One of the all time great, if not THE great action-movie director, has gotta be the Hong Kongese madman, John Woo. If you're a Woo fan, this quiz shouldn't pose TOO much trouble, if not you may be in for a rough ride this week- but then you shoulda seen all these flicks by now anyways...


(1-2) John and the stars
Select the major Hollwood stars who have appeared in a John Woo-directed flick. Type your answer in ALL UPPERCASE, with no spaces or punctuation anywhere. For example, if you thought the answer was John Travolta, Harrison Ford and Jackie Chan, your answer would be ACG.

A. John Travolta
B. Sting
C. Harrison Ford
D. Nicholas Cage
E. Christian Slater
F. Chou Yun Fat
G. Jackie Chan
H. Chuck Norris
Your Answer:
(7) Which movie poster / video cover ISN'T from a John Woo flick?

(3) Which ISN'T a John Woo film trademark?
Slow motion action shot
One guy: two guns
Short flash of black and white
Long tracking shot
(8) In what U.S state did John Woo's first major U.S movie "Hard Target" take place?
Rhode Island
(4) After assasinating the politician and escaping by speed boat, how did Chow Yun Fat notice he was being set up by his boss who contracted him to the job, in the John Woo all time classic "The Killer"?
Saw flock of birds fly out of tree where sniper was hiding
Public phone where he was to meet for pickup didn't ring
His car made a funny noise when he turned the key in the engine
Noticed a little girl noticing the flash of a rifle scope
(9) What John Woo flick is this screen shot from?

Broken Arrow
A Better Tomorrow
Hard Target
(5) How many times were nuclear bombs detonated in "Broken Arrow"?
(10) What song/music does the little kid listen to on his walkman in "Face/Off" while the gunfire battle erupts around him?
"Sympathy for the Devil"
Beethoven's Fifth
"Welcome to the Jungle"
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
(6) Where were the illegal handguns hidden in the opening action sequence of 1992's "Hard Boiled"?
In a crate full of condoms
In a side of pig
In a wedding cake
In a bird cage
(11) What big-budget movie sequel is John Woo directing next?
Star Wars: Episode II
Mission Impossible 2
Speed 3
Matrix 2





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