* Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?

Well there's a little identity crisis in this week's quiz- and you gotta help sort out all those wacky celebs! This one is quite easy- look for a 3-star version coming up in a few weeks.

Use this list of actors to complete this week's quiz. Be careful of spelling when you enter your answer- caps or spacing doesn't matter but everything else does so pay attention! For example- Samuel L. Jackson is just listed as Samuel Jackson because I know some bonehead would leave out a period or something then complain about not getting a right answer. So.... you've been warned.
Ben Affleck Tom Hanks Jennifer Aniston
Kevin Bacon Samuel Jackson Sandra Bullock
Steve Buscemi Ewan MacGregor Neve Campbell
Pierce Brosnan Kurt Russell Tia Carrere
Robert Carlyle Will Smith Geena Davis
Jim Carrey Kevin Spacey Jodie Foster
Sean Connery Sylvester Stallone Helen Hunt
Robert DeNiro Robin Williams Traci Lords
Laurence Fishburne Bruce Willis Molly Ringwald
Harrison Ford Chow Yun-Fat Jennifer Love-Hewitt
1-3) Who the hell is that?
Guess the actor/actress from their slightly distorted photo. Shouldn't be too hard.
7-9) ...And you can quote that!
Put the actor to the quote. You can click on the quote to hear it, but if you don't have sound you're stuck with the text only.
1) Who is this?

7) Easy one by the voice...

2) Who is this?
8) A little harder- short but sweet.
3) Who is this?
9) The background noise may provide a hint...
4-6) Movies? What movies?
Guess the actor who appeared in all three of the movies listed.
10-12) Two hints.
Here you'll get a coule of hints and then have to identify who it is. No prob!
4) Easy!...
Peter Pan
Dead Again

10) Hints:
-Has played the role of a spy
-Appeared in a cameo at the end of Kevin Costner's "Robin Hood"

5) Not too bad- mayhaps a bit tricky.

The Negotiator
A Time to Kill
The Usual Suspects

 11) Hints:
-Mainly known for romantic-comedies
-Once drove a bus so it wouldn't go under 55mph

6) Slighlty harder but still not terrible...

Escape From L.A
Pulp Fiction


12) Hints:
-In one movie his wife was kidnapped in Paris
-In another movie his wife was killed and he was sentenced to prison for it... all before the opening credits finished.