** Time For a Vacation    

Kind of a mixed bag this week- some crunchy tough questions mixed in with some chewy 'gimmees'. As summer draws closer thoughts start to drift towards getting away for a week or two. Sit back and try to munch your way through this collection of vacation-related movie tidbits.

1) What National Lampoon "Vacation" movie is this clip from?
European Vacation
Christmas Vacation

Vegas Vacation
6) In the 1991 flick "What About Bob?", Richard Dreyfuss goes on vacation only to be continually pestered by Bill Murray. What are Richard's and Bill's relationship?
Psychiatrist and patient
Secret lovers
Golf pro and amateur
2) Where do the teen soon-to-be slasher victims go for a vacation in the 1998 bomb "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer"?
Bahaman island
Mexico City
Mystery, Alaska
7) Why did John McClane take time off work and head out to the west coast in the original "Die Hard"?
Personally investigating Hans
Participate in surfing contest
Looking for new job offer
Try to patch things up with his wife
3) Speaking of sequel-bombs-with-lame-repeat-of-original-story-except-with-vacation-added movies, what wacky thing happens in concurrence with the ship running ashore into the tourist town in the ultra-flop "Speed 2"?
Captain guy from first movie circles above in helicopter, orders 'You must keep the boat above 50! She's gonna blow!'
Camera guy from bus in original takes some more photos of ship ploughing ashore
Out of luck guy who's car Keanu wrecked in original moans how he just bought a condo there
Sandra's character whines, shoots self in head
8) In what movie does a billionaire's vacation end up to be a battle of survival versus a killer kodiak bear?
Shoot to Kill
The Edge
Young Blood
4) What flick is this movie poster from?

Club Paradise

Jaws 4
Blame it on Rio
Summer Rental
9) What National Lampoon "Vacation" movie is this clip from?
European Vacation
Christmas Vacation

Vegas Vacation
5) In the 1975 spy classic "Three Days of Condor", where was Faye Dunaway's character supposed to go on vacation?
Cross country skiing in Vermont
Sailing in Santa Barbara
Downhill skiing in Colorado
Nude skydiving over Mount Rushmore
10) Toughie Alert. In the John Candy vacation flick "The Great Outdoors", what bonus scene do we see if we sit through till the end of the credits?
More of the rascally raccoons
Outtake of John trying to waterski and failing miserably
Dan Aykroyd dancing on a pool table
John Candy running away from angry moose