** User Friendly II    

Our second quiz put together by you- the visitors to the site. A mixed bag of great questions await- Thanks very much to all who contributed and look for a part III in the future...

1) Which actress has NOT had an acting role in a Wes Craven movie?
Sharon Stone
Kristy Swanson
Drew Barrymore
Jamie Lee Curtis
Question submitted by: Ash
6) In "Carlito`s Way", Al Pacino character has a specific resemblance to his role of Michael Corleone in "The Godfather" movies. What?
Repeats the 'Godfather II' line "I know it was you... you broke my heart
His character's father is Marlon Brando
A quiet and silent manner
Throws a gun with the same gesture of Michael Corleone in the first movie

Question submitted by: Victor Martinez Mella
2) Approximately how many movies is Stephen King listed as having writing credits for, not including TV movies or miniseries? Choose the closest answer.

Question submitted by: ZeroHacker
7) Why does Paul Newman get shot at in Nobody's Fool?
Stealing a snow blower
Beating up Bruce Willis
Driving on a sidewalk
Trying to kill a junkyard dog

Question submitted by: ?
3) What is Tom Cruise's birth name?
Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
Tom Stanley Curruthers IV
Ryan Thomas Cruise IV
Thomas Connor Cruise IV

Question submitted by: Tom
8) In From Dusk Til Dawn, what kind of food does Clooney bring back to the motel for Tarantino?
Burger King
Big Kahuna Burger

Question submitted by: superfly13
4) Which of these is not part of the "Dirty Harry" series of movies?
The Enforcer
The Dead Pool
Magnum Force

Question submitted by: Alex
9) How did Robert De Niro lose the cops that were following him after he met Al Pacino for coffee in "Heat"?
Changed cars in airport
Changed coats, got in back of other car
Went out through back kitchen of diner
Simply out drove them

Question submitted by: matrix_99
5) What modern convience can be seen briefly in the movie classic " Ben Hur "?
Four-door van in background of early Roman march
Wristwatch on one of the charioteers
Empty pop bottle during chariot race
Kerosene lamp on board one of the Roman boats

Question submitted by: martimer99
10) Which movie had a pimp named Guidio?
Doctor Detroit
Trading Places
Risky Business

Question submitted by: ShawnaR