** No, I Am Your Father
  Just when you think you have everything figured out, some clever screenwriter somewhere has one last curveball to throw at ya. See if you can remember and unravel some of those classic twist endings.
Twisty Match-Up
Match the final plot twist to the movie in which it's from. As always, type just your single one letter answer in lowercase.
(1) Final Analysis (a) The main character commits suicide, only to really be pulled back into a life which is a trap of the devil
(2) Devil's Advocate (b) The main detective character hired by a client learns he's really a murderer and that his client is the devil come to take him to Hell
(3) Dead Again (c) The innocent seeming guy who comitted the murder was really an evil criminal who just used Richard Gere to get him off
(4) Angel Heart (d) The innocent seeming girl who comitted the murder was really an evil criminal who just used Richard Gere to get her off
(5) Primal Fear (e) The bad guy was the hypnotist, and when he was a boy he killed the composer's wife
(6) What was Luke's initial retort to Darth's parental revelation in Empire?
"Obi Wan told me you killed him"
"But I don't look anything like you"
"That's not true, that's impossible"
"Noooooooo, noooo"
(9) Soylent Green is...
The devil
A punk rock band from Luxembourg
(7) In the 1991 Tom Berenger thriller "Shattered", what shocker secret do we learn at the end?
Tom Berenger's character was actually a small magical fairy named "Mr. Snuff" disguised in human form
Tom Berenger was actually the prostitute killer
Tom Berenger's character was actually a previously killed character, and Tom had had the dead character's face changed to his own through a series of plastic surgeries
Tom Berenger's character was actually two characters, one good twin and one evil, intent on marrying the underage daughter of a woman who turned out to be his (their) sister
(10) In 1996's "Mission: Impossible", Jon Voigt's character Jim Phelps was revealed to be the traitor. Why was this a double shock?
Jim Phelps was the hero of the TV series of the same name
Jim Phelps swore "I'd never do anything to hurt my grand mammy"
Jim Phelps was the father of Tom Cruise's character
Jim Phelps apparently died in a helicopter accident in the movie
(8) In "The Usual Suspects," we learn Kevin Spacey has been playing the cops all along, making up the story as he went. Which of these office objects DIDN'T he use as a visual cue to embellish the story?
Maker name on coffee cup bottom
Picture of marlin fish on wall
Criminal name posted on bulletin board
Resort name on calendar picture
(11) Which "Scream" character was one of the killers?