*** Big Screen TV    

With MI2 set to open this month, summer keeps up it's tradition of importing TV shows to the silver screen. Sometimes it works and sometimes you just wonder... why? At any rate, don't touch that dial till you've worked your way through this week's quiz.


1) Which of these cartoon TV shows HAVEN'T been made into theatrically-released full-length movies?

Rugrats Inspector Gadget
Archie The Jetsons
Duck Tales The Flintstones
Magilla Gorilla Betty Boop


6) Which of these Saturday Night Live characters HAVEN'T had a big-screen movie?

Hans and Frans Elwood Blues
Stuart Smalley Mary Katherine Gallagher
Pat The Church Lady
Wayne Campbell Coneheads

2) What movie based on a TV series featured this femme fatale? Spelling counts! As always for these type-in-the-answer questions, you don't need any punctuation- and you don't have to worry about upper or lower case characters or spacing.

7) What DIDN'T happen in the 1998 lame-o movie version of "Lost in Space"?
Guy from 'Friends' meets cheesy CG monkey
Space spiders attack the ship
Dumb-ass time travel
Robot dies protecting kid from some kind of blob

3) Who HASN'T starred (forget obscure cameos- starred as in one of the main stars) in a big screen version of a TV series?

Kevin Costner Mel Gibson
Harrison Ford John Travolta
Robert De Niro Eddie Murphy
Al Pacino Sean Connery


8) What's The Saint supposed to steal in the Val Kilmer- 1997 movie version of the TV series?
Cold fusion formula
Nuclear warhead
Lethal virus
Missile codes list
4) What was one of the many unexplained moronic happenings in the 1998 flop "The Avengers"?
Helicopter blades open out of Ralph Fienne's hat: he flies away
Bad guy group walks around in colorful bear suits
Penguin waddles up to bank entrance, explodes
One group of thugs all wear pirate eye-patches
9) What TV-based movie is this quote from?
Sgt. Bilko
5) What was one of the main differences between the TV version of "The Fugitive" and the big-screen version?
One armed man didn't kill Kimble's wife in TV version
Kimble's doctor buddy wasn't behind his wife's death in TV version
TV version was only in black and white
No character Lt. Gerard in TV version
10) What TV to big screen adaptation features a guy urinating enough to literally put out a burning building? See type-in rules from question #2.