*** At the Track    

Well we've got tons o' animal and other races at this week's track events. Place your bets and get to work!

1) At what kind of racetrack did the hostage-exchagne take place in the Ice Cube flick "All About the Benjamins"?
Dog track
Horse track
Boat race track
Motocross track
6) How was one of the criminals in Stanley Kubrick's "The Killing" supposed to kill a prize racehorse?
Sniper rifle
2) What were the odds on "Seabiscuit" in the first major race we saw the horse entered, in the Oscar nominated drama?
7) What movie is this poster detail from?

3) In which action movie did the bad guy get killed by the mechanical rabbit that goes along the rail at a dog-racing track?

8) Which rapper had organized a boat race in "Bad Boys II"?
Ja Rule
Ice Cube
4) In which movie did the "Alphabet bandits" set out to rob a race track?
Beverly Hills Cop II
Dead Heat (1988)
The Mighty Quinn

The Last Boy Scout
9) What was the name of the monster truck that Seth Green and his brother stole from the track during the monster truck rally in "Rat Race"?
Grave Robber
Grim Reaper
5) How did James Stewart break his leg in Hitchcock's classic "Rear Window"?
Injured by race car that flew into stands at race
Fell of horse in race
Kicked by prize-winning racehorse
Hit while taking picture in middle of race track
10) What was the name of the character who helped out the Angels at the motocross track, in the awful "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle"?
The Creep
The Thin Man
The Smoker

The Fly