** Another End of the World    

Here's a sequel to one of our oldest quizzes on the site- It's the End of the World as We Know It! We've had a pretty good disaster movie already this year with The Day AFter Tomorrow, so answer questions on that and other apocalyptic flicks with this week's quiz...


1 - 4) Widescreen, widespread, destruction!

Match up the pic to the flick. As always, extra danger lurks in the form of extra movies in the list, so choose wisely...

5) What DIDN'T we see get destroyed by a tornado in L.A, in "The Day After Tomorrow"?
Mann's Chinese Theater
Capitol Records building
Hollywood sign
Trick question - all of the above

9) In which classic 70's sci-fi movie do we see an ivy-covered Abe Lincoln memorial, in an abandoned Washington?

6) In the 50's sci-fi classic "When Worlds Collide", how long did humanity have to prepare itself for obliteration from an oncoming planet?
Three weeks
Eight months
Two years
Fifteen years
10) What kind of creature told "Donnie Darko" that the world was going to end in just over four weeks, in the 2001 cult favorite?
German shepherd
Mechanical monkey

Giant rabbit
7) What was the common name of the virus that spelled a zombie-riffic doom for our world in "28 Days Later"?
11) In the 1980's cult classic "Night of the Comet"- why did the survivors avoid being turned to red dust by the comet?
Were all asleep
Were drunk
Were shielded by steel

Were having sex
8) What metal was the hull of the ship that drilled to the center of the Earth in "The Core" made out of?
24k Gold
Enriched Titanium
12) Why did "The Birds" in the Alfred Hitchcock classic seem to have it in for mankind?
Comet passing close to Earth
Alignment of all planets in solar system
Russian plot

Trick question - they don't explain why