** More 80's Teen Angst    

A long-awaited follow-up to one of our more (surprisingly) popular quizzes, we'll take a break from zombies, aliens, and zombie aliens with another fond look back at 80's cinema...


1 - 4) 80's Flick Match-A-Roo

Match the pic to the gentle 80's comedy flick. As always, more flicks in the list than pictures, so choose wisely...

5) What did "St. Elmo's Fire" refer to in the brat packer movie?
Holy Sesame Street character
9) What was Corey Feldman and his sibling known as in "The Lost Boys" ?
The Coreys
The Fearless Vampire Killers
Spike and Hammer
The Frog Brothers
6) Who was Andrew McCarthy's buddy in 1987's "Mannequin"?
Blind Canadian guy
Dwarf Mexican guy
Gay black guy
Fat Asian guy
10) Which two icons made up the pretty couple in 1986's "About Last Night"?
Demi Moore and Rob Lowe
Demi Moore and Matt Dillon
Rob Lowe and Matt Dillon

Madonna and Sean Penn
7) What was the name of the theme park that Chevy Chase was taking his family to, in the National Lampoon classic "Vacation"?
11) In which 80's comedy did a group of L.A girls end up at "Club Voodoo"?

8) How much money did Ronald offer Cindy to be his girlfriend for a month, in the 1987 romcom "Can't Buy Me Love"?
$100 per week
$500 per week
$1000 for a month
$1000 for one semester
12) Which 80's comedy featured a cocaine-fueled donkey?
One Crazy Summer
Moving Violations

Bachelor Party

13 - 17) Holy Grail of the 80's

Pretty much the definitive 80's angst movie is "The Breakfast Club". Here we have five quotes, and all five of the Breakfast Club members. Match the quote to the member, and you're detention ends early!