** 80's Teen Angst    

Laughter... tears... zits... Relive those turbulent roller coaster years of the eighties' teens who had their ups and downs on the silver screen.

1) Who WASN'T a member of "The Breakfast Club"?
Ally Sheedy
Emilio Estevez
Andrew McCarthy
Molly Ringwald
6) What movie poster is this detail from?

Say Anything...
Better Off Dead
Curious Mike's Wandering Eye
2) According to Ferris Bueller, what's true about his buddy Cameron?
Once ate a gerbil
His butt is so tight, if you put in a lump of coal you'll get a diamond
Wails like a banshee whenever he sees a kitten
His sister is so stupid, she 'takes an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes'
7) Which 80's teen movie featured Christian Slater, Winona Ryder, and Shannon Doherty?
Pump Up the Volume
Can't Buy Me Love
Conan the Destroyer
3) Why does Elizabeth Shue take the babysitting gig in 1987's "Adventures In Babysitting"?
Her boyfriend cancels their date on her
They're her sister's kids
They all go to the same Mormon church
She intends to sell them into child slavery rings
8) What movie is this classic line from?
Teaching Mrs. Tingle
Pretty in Pink
Sixteen Candles
4) Who was the gang member from "The Outsiders" who became the accidental murderer and had to flee?
Don "The Dragon" Wilson
Tom Cruise
Ralph Macchio
C. Thomas Howell
9) How does 1987's "Three O'Clock High" end?
Hero loses fight - gets the nice girl
Hero loses fight - gets the total babe
Hero wins fight - gets the nice girl
Hero wins fight - gets the total babe
5) What does Judge Reinhold get caught doing in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High"?
Cheating on math final
Stealing money from Mom's purse
Importing illegal 'gorilla-hand' ashtrays from Africa
Doing the 'five knuckle shuffle' in the bathroom
10) Whose face has been replaced by that of that rascal Pikachu in this classic young adult 80s movie poster?

Matt Dillon
Rob Lowe
Ralph Macchio
Buddy Hackett
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