*** Land of the Rising Sun    

The mysteries of the Far East... wrapped up in so many movies about Japan, and so many movies made in Japan. Here's a toughie devoted to our ninja / samurai / businessmen / high-school-girl / yakuza friends in that wacky Asian country called Nippon.

1) What were the yakuza factions battling over in the Michael Douglas Japan-a-riffic "Black Rain"?
10,000 yen note printing plates
50,000 yen note printing plates
Stolen high tech computer chips

Stolen high tech satellite codes
6) What was the name of Holly McClane's boss in "Die Hard"?
Mr. Takemoto
Mr. Suzuki
Mr. Fat
Mr. Takagi
2) Why does the businessman start taking dance lessons in the charming 1996 flick "Shall We Dance?"
Sees dance instructor from window of train on his way home
Wife badgers him into lessons
Boss orders him to learn ballroom dance for company competition
He wants to get in touch with his 'feminine side'
7) In what movie do we see these rappy-Japanese girls?

3) What was one of the major changes between the Michael Crichton penned Rising Sun and the 1993 movie adaption of the same name?
The Japanese corporation employs ninjas in the book, but not in the movie
Sean Connery's character was black in the book
The killer of the blonde girl was Japanese in the book, American in the movie
The president of the Japanese corporation commits a murder-suicide in the book, not in the movie
8) What movie is this poster detail from?
Empire of the Sun
Come See the Paradise
The Last Warrior
4) What US flick was a remake of Akira Kurosawa's classic "Seven Samurai"?
The Magnificient Seven
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
9) Which 007 flick has Japan as it's major setting?
You Only Live Twice
The Spy Who Loved Me
Tomorrow Never Dies
5) What malady does the tax-evading businessman in the 1987 Japanese flick "A Taxing Woman" (Marusa no Onna) have?
Severe stutter like guy from "A Fish Called Wanda"
Walks like a young "Forrest Gump"
Six fingers on left hand like bad guy in "Princess Bride"
Needs to eat a bunch of human livers every 14 years like dude from "X-Files"
10) In what movie do we see some ninjas turn a Japanese bullet train into a complete slaughterhouse?