* Summer 2002    

For some WWF fans, the summer movie season might have kicked off with "The Scorpion King" released in theaters last Friday. For the rest of us, it starts with "Spider-Man" out on May 3rd. Anyway you slice it, this year is looking to be one of the best in quite some time.

Here's our annual 'easy' summer movie preview quiz, followed up by a tougher one once all the big films have been released. Dig in...

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1 - 4) It's all in the details...

Match the detail from the movie poster to the flick that is coming out. Even though there are extra movies in the lists, this one should be a walk in the park...

5) Once May 31st's "The Sum of All Fears" is released, which actor WON'T have played character Jack Ryan?
Val Kilmer
Harrison Ford
Ben Affleck
Alec Baldwin

9) What movie is this sound clip from?

6) The upcoming DreamWorks animated movie "Spirit" is a flick about what?
Evil ghost
Friendly ghost
Jack Daniels, other alcoholic beverages
10) "Austin Powers" was having trouble with its movie title for the new 2002 installment because of a legal kerfuffle with MGM. It finally has gotten permission to use the title it wanted to all along- what was the title?
Pussy Galore
From Russia With Lust
The Spy Who Shagged Me
7) Tom Hanks is going out-of-character in this July's "Road to Perdition". What will he be playing?
Cross-dressing bar owner
Streetwise pimp
Hitman bent on revenge
Bumbling southern fool
11) Which two actors are teaming up for the Christopher Nolan-directed thriller "Insomnia"?
Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal
Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Belushi
Robin Williams and Al Pacino
Danny Glover and Mel Gibson
8) What is Vin Diesel's role in this August's flick "xXx"?
Porn star
Intergalactic criminal
MPAA board member
12) Looking to next year, which movie ISN'T slated for a summer 2003 release?
Terminator 3
X-Men 2
The Hulk
Battlestar Galactica


13 - 16) Summer puts the 'S' in Sequels!

Each of these series will have a new entry released sometime this summer season. Once that entry is released, how many flicks will have been released in the entire series? Type in your answer in one (or for one of the series, two) digits.

13) Men In Black
14) Friday the 13th
15) Star Wars
16) Austin Powers


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