* Summer 2001: A Cinematic Retrospective    

Well, the general consensus was there've been better summers for movies. Still, there were a good share of decent flicks to go along with the bombs, so let's all take a moment to pause and reflect on the hits and misses of Summer 2001...

1) Which summer movie had the highest U.S. domestic gross?
The Mummy Returns
Pearl Harbor
Osmosis Jones
7) How does the persistent Spinosaur of "Jurassic Park III" finally die?
Falls off cliff
Killed by army
Eaten by Tyrannosaur
Trick Question - it doesn't
2) What happens to the Mummy Imhotep, at the end of "The Mummy Returns"?
Disintegrates into sand
Sealed into sarcophagus, buried
Takes off mask, tells Luke he was right
Falls into fiery pit
8) What does Vin Diesel hit at the end of "The Fast and the Furious" ?
Middle age
3) Where is the last place we see Josh Hartnett's character in "Pearl Harbor"?
High school basketball court
Midway Island
9) Where was the special countdown clock hidden in Lara Croft's mansion, in "Tomb Raider"?
In the shower
In Lara's undie drawer
In Lara's pillow
Under some stairs
4) What do Orlando Jones and David Duchovny squirt into the alien's bum-like opening at the end of "Evolution"?
Dr. Pepper
Trick Question - nothing
10) Which statue / landmark is different at the end of this summer's "Planet of the Apes" remake?
Mount Rushmore
Statue of Liberty
Abraham Lincoln
Hollywood sign
5) What Disney movie character ISN'T spoofed in "Shrek"?
Sleeping Beauty
The Seven Dwarves
11) What happens to Jackie Chan towards the end of "Rush Hour 2"?
Bomb put in mouth
Shaved bald
Gets electric shocks
Wins $500,000 at casino
6) What do the hostages have strapped to their bodies at the start of "Swordfish"?
Ball bearings
Beer bottles
12) Which comedy DIDN'T have a sequel this summer?
Me, Myself, and Irene
American Pie
Scary Movie
Dr. Dolittle