* Summer 2000:
A Cinematic Retrospective

With the release of Hollow Man more or less marking the end of the big summer movie releases, it's time for a look back. On the whole a pretty good summer- as usual a fair number of stinkers, but lots of gems in there too. Let's take a look back at the good, the bad, and the ugly of summer 2000....

1) In "Mission Impossible 2", Tom Cruise had to stop a madman from using a:
Nuclear warhead
Super Soaker 2000
Dangling preposition
6) The movie "The Patriot" is set during which war?
American Civil War
World War I
Vietnam War

American War of Independence
2) Where does Russell Crowe discover the bodies of his family in "Gladiator"?
On top of the leaning tower of Pisa
On his farm
In a prison cell
In the back seat of a 1975 Gremlin
7) Which WASN'T a power of one of the kids at the school for mutants in "X-Men"?
Girl could walk through walls
Boy could teleport short distances
Girl could turn invisible
Boy could create ice
3) How did they make invisi-Kevin Bacon's head visible, like in this scene from "The Hollow Man"?

Poured latex on his head
Used finger paints
Altered a Hallowee'en mask
Applied one band-aid after another

8) Which ISN'T Eddie Murphy in makeup, from "The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps"?

4) What ghostly thing DOESN'T happen in "What Lies Beneath"?
Ghost face bulges out of wooden wall, winks
Computer turns on by itself
Door opens by itself
Words appear in steamed up mirror in bathroom
9) What kind of fish did George Clooney & co. catch in "The Perfect Storm"?
Mutant giant squid
5) What gay thing DOESN'T Shawn Wayan's character Ray do in "Scary Movie"?
Tucks bottom of T-shirt through the top to make a 'bikini-top' shirt
Gleefully slaps asses, and whips towel around on way into shower
Admits to having gotten oral sex from a guy
Pretends to french kiss picture of Mr. Universe
10) What city did this summer's "Shaft" take place in?
New York
Sydney, Australia