* Summer 2000    

A sure sign the summer season is coming up on us is the movie previews start getting a hell of a lot cooler at the flicks you go to see now. Hopefully you've asorbed enough teaser trailers to get you through this quiz on upcoming cinematic treats. Note: For this quiz, summer movies are defined as those with release dates between May 1 and August 31.


1-4) Poster matchup

Match the details from the advance movie posters to their flicks which are out this summer. Type in your answer as a single character only (upper or lower). Two poster details from movies which have already been released have been thrown in to keep ya honest.

1) The Patriot
2) Battlefield Earth
3) U-571
4) Gladiator
x) Gladiator is also mystery #






5) We all know summer is the time for sequels, but which of these flicks DOESN'T have a sequel coming out this summer season?
The Nutty Professor
The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Mission Impossible
9) Who's playing "Shaft" in the long-awaited remake of the 1971 original?
Shaft, the actual guy
Laurence Fishburne
Samuel L. Jackson
Anthony Hopkins
6) Disney's 2000 summer flick, "Dinosaur", is animated in what medium?
Stop motion claymation
Traditional hand drawn animation
CG with live action backgrounds
10) What animal do we see Russell Crowe fighting in the ultra-cool looking previews for "Gladiator"?
Umber Hulk
7) What Marvel superheroes are coming to the big screen this summer?
Fantastic Four
The Spidermen
The Lunchroom Sissies
11) Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer are teaming up for what supernatural thriller this summer?
The Sixth Sense II: Judgement Day
What Lies Beneath
To Sleep With Shadows
Scary Movie
8) May 10th's "Mission to Mars" features supporting-actor fave Gary Sinise. What character will he play?
Lieutenant Dan
Captain McConnell
Private Pyle
Admiral Piett
12) Finally, who will star in the remake of the 1974 car-heist flick "Gone in 60 Seconds"?
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bruce Willis
Nicholas Cage
Emmanuel Lewis



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