* Street Racing    

With a certain racing sequel hauling in an assload of cash last weekend, it's time to recall some movies where the cinematic pedal has been put right down to the metal...


1 - 4) Racy Pics

Match the picture to the movie it is from. Careful though- there are a couple of extra flicks in the list, so don't have a blowout!

5) Who lives their life a quarter mile at a time?
LL Cool J
Bob Hope
Vin Diesel
Tony Blair
8) What special gas did we see the racers in "The Fast and the Furious" use to give their cars an extra boost?
Nitrous Oxide
Pressurized farts
Mustard gas
6) Which yet-to-be-famous actor lost a drag race in George Lucas' classic "American Graffiti" when he had a tire blow out?
Mark Hamill
Harrison Ford
Clint Eastwood
Mr. T
9) What was in the Ferrari glove box that Paul Walker and Tyrese had to race to get in "2 Fast 2 Furious"?
Critters 2: The Main Course Director's-Cut DVD
7) In what movie did we see Michael Douglas street race his motorbike for money?
The Star Chamber
Romancing the Stone
Black Rain
10) Why did Marty McFly get goaded into street-racing a punk which would lead him to smash into a car full of lawyers, in the Back to the Future trilogy?
His car was called 'a piece of junk'
His girlfriend teased him
He was called 'chicken'
Talking turtle told him to