* Sports Night    

Well this quiz may be a little hard for a one star, but the management here won't let us give a one and a half star rating! Oh well, throw your best punches and land your best bodychecks to come away with the championship from this week's sports-related quiz.


1-5) Sport movie / Non-sports movie combo tie-in

Match the sport featured in the sport movie on the left to the sport featured in the non-sport-but-had-sports-in-it-movie on the right. Type your answer in as one single character (upper or lowercase). For example if on the left Movie (x) was a sports movie on water polo, and Movie (y) on the right was an action movie but had a scene where the characters go to watch a water polo game, they would match. The answer for Movie (x) would be the letter of Movie (y).

1) The Mighty Ducks (A) Alien 4
2) Hoosiers (B) The Last Boy Scout
3) On Any Given Sunday (C) Victory
4) The Natural (D) Lethal Weapon 3
5) Ladybugs (E) The Naked Gun
6) He originally played ice hockey but became a golfing god. Who was he?
Little Nicky
Billy Madison
Happy Gilmore
Grand Moff Tarkin
9) All of these movie titles sound sports-movie-ish, but only one is a true 'sports' movie. Which one ?
The Whole Nine Yards
Sudden Death
Necessary Roughness
7) What movie is this exchange from?
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Emmanuelle 2: A World of Desire
10) What was Charlie Sheen's character's nickname in the "Major League" movies?
Heidi's boy
Wild Thing
Spin Replacer
8) What does Wesley Snipes bet Woody Harrelson he can't do in "White Men Can't Jump"?
Slam dunk
Drink a bottle of tequila
Make a shot from opponent's key
Beat Norm and Cliff in a game of pool
11 - 14) Order Up! Put these boxing movies in order of release, with '1' being the earliest and '4' being the latest (most recently released). Just type your answer in as one single digit.
Play it to the Bone
Raging Bull
Rocky IV