* Spider-Man 2    

A very worthy sequel to the mega-blockbuster of two years ago, Spidey 2 picks up the story of the first, while amping up the FX and action sequences. Hope you've seen it, cause we got a boatload o' Spider-Man trivia for ya...

Warning! Could be some spoilers if you haven't seen it yet!

No sound on your computer? Hints are at the bottom.

1) Spidey or Spidey 2??

You get one shot at this double-valued question to choose whether the picture is from the original 2002 Spider-Man, or the 2004 sequel. It's all or nothing, you got get'em all right! Good luck!

A) Spidey Spidey 2 C) Spidey Spidey 2 E) Spidey Spidey 2
B) Spidey Spidey 2 D) Spidey Spidey 2 F) Spidey Spidey 2
2) What was Peter's part-time job at the start of the movie?
Fashion magazine photographer
Pro wrestler
Pizza boy

5) How did Doc Ock's wife die in the movie?
Smashed by glass
Accidentally killed by Spidey
Shot by mugger
Fell off bridge

3) What was his boss' name at that job?
6) What song was the musical montage set to that showed a happy Peter, after he gave up being Spidey?
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Don't Worry, Be Happy
Enter Sandman
Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
4) Why did Peter say he didn't want to give any more photos of Spidey to the Daily Bugle?
Bugle turning city against Spider-Man
Not getting enough money
Worried people might find out true identity
Thought he looked fat in Spidey suit
7) How many mechanical arms did Doctor Octopus have?


8 - 11) Audio mixy-matchy

Match the audio clue to the movie which starred the "Spider-Man 2" actor or actress below. The audio quote itself is not the actor speaking, but is from a movie that featured them. For the director, Sam Raimi, choose the quote from the movie he directed

8) Tobey Maguire Quote #1
9) Kirsten Dunst Quote #2
10) Alfred Molina Quote #3
11) Sam Raimi Quote #4
12) What things of Peter's did Aunt May say she threw away?
Red pajamas
Comic books
Old photographs
Dirty, filthy magazines
15) What DIDN'T Peter say about the Spidey suit to the guy in the elevator?
It was itchy
Rode up the crotch
Gave him a rash
Trick question - all of the above
13) Where did the guy who found Spidey's suit tell Jameson that he could get more money for it?
Street corner
Rival newspaper
16) How did Peter's university professor describe him to Doc Ock?
Cute but cheeky
Smart but quiet
Gifted but forgetful
Brilliant but lazy
14) What treat did the girl across the hall prepare for Peter?
'Love muffins'
Oatmeal cookies
Chocolate cake
Banana split
17) What was a little off about Peter's university professor, Dr. Connors?
Only had one arm
Had patches of green scales
Lazy eye
Referred to self in third person

18 - 23) More One or Two??!!!

This time it's not all-or-nothing, you get a shot at each actor / actress. Indicate if they appeared in Spidey 1, Spidey 2, or both.

18) Spidey 1 Spidey 2 Both  
19) Spidey 1 Spidey 2 Both
20) Spidey 1 Spidey 2 Both
21) Spidey 1 Spidey 2 Both
22) Spidey 1 Spidey 2 Both
23) Spidey 1 Spidey 2 Both
24) What sport was it said that MJ's fiance played on the moon?
26) What title was "Spider-Man 2" originally known by during most of its filming?
The Spectacular Spider-Man
Spider-Man Returns
The Amazing Spider-Man
Trick question - none of the above
25) Which character died at the end?
Aunt May
Doc Ock
27) In what year is "Spider-Man 3" slated to come out?
Trick question - they are only making two movies


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