*** The Sounds of Hell    

Well it's time for a hellish twist-up to our regular quiz. This week features TWENTY, count 'em, TWENTY sounds from movies. However, they're no easy famous-actors or famous-quotes. Nope, they're simply stretches from the flicks with zero (or near-zero) dialogue. You may be thinking "snowball's chance in hell" at getting them all, and you may be right...

No sound hints this week- you'll need to hear the hints to do the quiz!

1 - 20) Sound matchup!

You've got twenty sounds and twenty flicks. Type the letter of the movie that the sound is from (upper or lower case doesn't matter). Good luck!

1 Blade II 8 Harry Potter 2 15 Resident Evil
2 Big Trouble In Little China 9 Jurassic Park 16 Return of the Jedi
3 Contact 10 Lethal Weapon 17 Shrek
4 Deep Blue Sea 11 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 18 Spirited Away
5 Dog Soldiers 12 Matrix 19 Tron
6 Fast and the Furious 13 Mission: Impossible 20 X-Men 
7 Gladiator 14 Predator      
Sound A Sound H Sound O
Sound B Sound I Sound P
Sound C Sound J Sound Q
Sound D Sound K Sound R
Sound E Sound L Sound S
Sound F Sound M Sound T
Sound G Sound N