** Slow Metabolism
  Some actors or characters always add a little extra weight to their role, ha ha, with a few extra kilos. Go pound for pound with the heavyweights in this calorie-laden quiz.
(1) This slim-fast 'before' poster-child was in Blade. What was his name?

Mr. Licky
(2) What was Oddjob's, the stout Korean body guard in "Goldfinger", weapon of choice?
Poisoned kimchi
Piano wire pulled out of his cufflink
Flower in lapel that sprayed water
Hat edged with razor-sharp metal

(6) What was the name of Jabba the Hutt's little friend in "Return of the Jedi" ?
Sy Snoodles
Salicious Crumb
(3) This famous line was said by which rotund actor's on-screen partner?
John Belushi
Jackie Gleason
Chris Farley
Emmanuel Lewis
(7) Which movie DIDN'T feature John Goodman as a police detective?
D.O.A (1988)
Sea of Love

Trick Question - they all do
(4) In "The Nutty Professor," Eddie Murphy played two basic characters. What was this one's name?
Buddy Love
Axel Foley
Sherman Klump
Herbert Gronk
(8-12) Match the character to the movie. Just type in the number of the movie beside the character name. There's on extra unused movie in just to keep you on your toes!
The Stomach (1) Meatballs
Fat Bastard (2) Animal House
Pizza the Hutt (3) Austin Powers 2
Bluto (4) American Pie
Lardass (5) Spaceballs
    (6) Stand By Me
(5) Which movie DIDN'T feature the late, great John Candy?
Home Alone
The Great Outdoors
Cannonball Run
(13) Which Chris Farley movie is this line from?
Beverly Hills Ninja
Tommy Boy
Wayne's World 2




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