*** You Can Scream All You Want...    

Scream is back- with a vengeance. It's our biggest quiz ever, and a toughie to boot. If you're a big fan you shouldn't have too many troubles, but for the uninitiated you may be in a body bag by the end of this one. Just do your best to survive...



1 - 3) Visual-Scream Matchup

Match the pic to the flick. As always type your answer in as a single character. There are twice as many pics as flicks here so you need to select carefully, three have been thrown in as blood-red herrings, hyeh hyeh...

1) Scream
2) Scream 2
3) Scream 3






4) What's the name of the book Gale Weathers writes about the happenings in the original Scream?
Slaughter in the Valley
I Survived
The Woodsboro Murders
6) What movie does the film class all agree was better than the original during their discussion on sequels in "Scream 2"?
Stab 2
Godfather II
The Empire Strikes Back
5) At the start of Scream 2, the girl from the couple who go to see 'Stab' wanted to go see a different movie. Whose movie was it?
Jodie Foster
Sandra Bullock
Julia Roberts
Kobe Tai
7) What horror movie do the high school kids watch at their party at the end of the original Scream?
Friday the 13th
Nightmare on Elm Street

8-15) Death Scene Matchup!

Match the death scene to the movie in which it occured. Type your answer as one single digit only:
'1' for Scream, '2' for Scream 2, and '3' for Scream 3

8) Guy stabbed in ear

12) Killed in a garage door
9) Gutted and hung from a tree
13) Killed in a crowded movie theater
10) Killed by television on head
14) Hit by golf club, then stabbed
11) Killed in house explosion
15) Metal pipe goes through head
16) Which is true of Scream 1 and 2, but not Scream 3?
Both were written by Kevin Williamson, not Scream 3
Both were directed by Wes Craven, not Scream 3
Both had characters get killed beside swimming pools, not Scream 3
Both had scenes of the character Randy talking about movies, not Scream 3
18) What work does Dewey do on the set of Stab 3 in Scream 3?
Production Assistant
Technical advisor
Body guard
17) What was the name of Drew Barrymore's boyfriend in the original Scream?
19) An easier one to end the straight forward trivia. What's the name of Neve Campbell's character in the series?

20 - 21) Double your Scream Matchup!

Which of these these quotes is from Scream '1', and which from Scream 2. As always, remember your answer must be a single character.

20) Scream A) This
21) Scream 2 B) This
    C) This
    D) This