* More Robot Attacks!    

Like we said in our first Robots quiz, nothing can liven up a movie like some of our pre-programmed metallic friends. Let's revisit them for a second round of Robot mayhem!

No sound on your computer? Hints are at the bottom.
1) What movie is this robot from?

Robocop 3
Star Wars: Episode I
Kate and Leopold
Tomb Raider
6) What movie is this quote from?
The Empire Strikes Back
Space Balls
Ice Pirates

2) Which movie featured an evil Keanu Reeves robot? (not counting just acting ability)
Sweet November
Johnny Mnemonic
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
7) In which movie is Robin Williams a robot who just wants to be accepted as a human?
Bicentennial Man
Good Will Hunting
Being Human
3) Which upcoming movies sub-title is "The Rise of the Machines"?
Terminator 3
Star Wars: Episode II
Office Space 2
A Walk to Remember 2
8) In which upcoming movie's trailer do we see robot-y spiders chasing Tom Cruise?
Men in Black II
Reign of Fire
Minority Report
Mission: Impossible 3
4) What did "D.A.R.Y.L" stand for in the 1985 kid flick?
Data Analyzing Robot Youth Lifeform
Data Acquisition Robotic Yielding Laser
Devious and Rugged Young Lad
Death and Reincarnation Year Last
9) Which movie featured an evil robot cowboy?
Logan's Run
Last of the Gunslingers
5) In which Star Trek movie did Data say "Oh shit!"?
Wrath of Khan
First Contact
Voyage Home
10) Toughie to end! What movie is this robot from? (click pic for a closer look - spacing and capitalization don't matter)



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