*** Prison Break    

Steel bars, evil inmates, perhaps a sympathetic prison guard, and an innocent (or not so innocent) man. Classic ingredients of a great prison flick, and they can be made even better with a good prison bust. See if you can track these cons and their tricky prison-flick related questions.

1) How do Sly Stallone and the boys finally escape in 1981's WWII soccer/prison of war flick "Victory"?
Dig tunnel out of POW camp
Escape from tunnel dug into soccer stadium dressing room
Crowd spills onto field at end of soccer game, mixes with players and gets them out
Nazi commander moved by their soccer play, grants them freedom at end of match even though they lost
6) What mean thing DOESN'T the guard with the politician uncle do in the Oscar contender "The Green Mile"?
Purposefully spill an inmate's last dinner before his execution
Kill a friendly mouse
Leave a sponge dry on a prisoners head before electrocution making a long and painful death
Threaten to have the other guards working with him fired
2) What proof do the prisoner's on Manhattan island send the outside authorities to show they have the president in "Escape From New York"?
Grainy video of bedraggled president
His finger
Tape of him begging for his life
His ear
7) What does Van Damme's 1990 prison flick "Death Warrant" have in common with Stallone's 1989 prison flick "Lock Up"?
They both were written by the same guy
Both the main character's were actually innocent
Both the wardens were behind terrible crimes
Both the main characters could escape but don't to help other inmate
3) What method DOESN'T Eddie Murphy or Martin Lawerence try to bust out of theiur prison work camp in last year's flick "Life"?
Put guards to sleep with drugged soup
Steal a cropduster
Fake being burned up in a fire
Pretend to fight to get key off guard
8) What does the old painter guy do in "Escape From Alcatraz" when the warden takes away his painting priveliges?
Cuts off his fingers
Commits suicide
Finally joins with Clint to escape
Steals some paint, paints flower on cell wall
4) What's the town that Tim Robbins tells Morgan Freeman he plans to go to if he gets out of prison in "The Shawshank Redemption"?
9) Why do Gene Wilder nad Richard Pryor go to prison in Stir Crazy?
They lose their jobs, hold up a bank
Crazy mixup with them and other guys wearing chicken outfits
Framed for murder of TV talk show host
Speeding in Louisiana, run into psycho small town sheriff
5) What bet does Paul Newman take on in his work farm - prison , just to pass time, in the oldie but goodie "Cool Hand Luke"?
Will be able to get the warden's wife to bake him a pie
Can eat a huge number of boiled eggs in a short time
Can sleep standing up for a month
Able to teach mouse that lives in their workhouse to count to five

10) A toughie. What flick is this pic from?

Cool Hand Luke
The Green Mile
The Shawshank Redemption

11-14) Cruel and Unusual Punishment Matchup!

Match the cruel or unusual punishment and/or security device found in the futuristic prisons of the movies listed below. Just type in the letter in UPPERCASE that corresponds to the movie listed on the left. A couple of extra items have been thrown in just to keep ya honest...

11) The Running Man A) DNA injection which made the prisoner collapse in pain whenever they thought about escaping
12) Fortress B) Magneto boots that could automatically lock to the floor
13) Face/Off C) Fitted collar which explodes upon leaving the prison
14) Escape From L.A D) Robot guards equipped with spinning saw blades and flame bursts
    E) Machine which let the warden see inside the prisoner's dreams
    F) Roving band of evil disfigured plastic surgeons