*** P.O.T.U.S    

President of the United States. The most poerful man in the world, surrounded by clever assassins, tempting mistresses, political intrigue...
Well at least on the silver screen anyways.

1) Whose face appears on this poster detail? (Don't worry about caps or spacing, and as long as you dont totally botch the spelling you should be alright)

6) Check all the actors who have played the President of the United States? (Hint: between 3 and 6)
Morgan Freeman Donald Sutherland
Gene Hackman Jack Nicholson
Anthony Hopkins Sean Connery
Clint Eastwood Kevin Kline
2) Harrison Ford played the president in "Air Force One". What was his character's name?
James Marshall
Tom Stockwell
Jack Ryan
Thomas Hardcourt
7) In which movie ISN'T the president having an affair?
Absolute Power
My Fellow Americans
Wag the Dog
3) Which movie didn't feature assassin(s) targetting the First Lady?
The Jackal
Shadow Conspiracy
Most Wanted
8) What movie is this line from?
All the President's Men
Independence Day
The American President
4) Which U.S president hasn't had a major Holywood movie (non documentary) based on him?
John F. Kennedy
Richard Nixon
Abraham Lincoln
Ronald Reagan
9) Which movie DOESN'T star ex-president Ronald Reagan?
Hellcats of the Navy
Bedtime for Bonzo
The Enemy Below
The Killers
5) Who had to guard the president's son in the box-office sensation "First Kid"?
Ernest P. Worrell
Hulk Hogan
Chevy Chase
10) In which movie DON'T we see P.O.T.U.S?
In the Line of Fire
Escape From New York
Three Days of the Condor
Clear and Present Danger



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